Zhangzhou drink shop sign off on the spot, the sun was hit fell to the ground zhongguorentiyishu

Zhangzhou drink shop sign off on the spot, the sun in 9 Zadao yesterday morning, victory road Zhangzhou city a beverage shop sign suddenly fall off, hit the sidewalk yesun two ride electric vehicles. Mr. Zou grandpa immediately to protect his grandson, he even with the car smashed down on the ground, head bleeding, spot syncope. Through the kindness of people to help contact the family, and call 120. The injured were rushed to the PLA 175th hospital, but fortunately timely treatment, no life-threatening. It is understood that when Mr. Zou hurry to send the sick grandson to the maternal and Child Health Hospital of Xiangcheng District hospital. He was down after, in addition to head bleeding, chin, arm number caused by broken glass. 5 year old grandson only a small piece of the head of the wound, was crying more than, constantly shouting to passers-by: save Grandpa, save grandpa." Subsequently, Mr. Zou’s wife received a phone call from a passing woman, she is very good, "said my husband was injured by a sign, grandson took grandpa’s mobile phone, ask her for help". Yesterday morning 11 am, Xiangcheng city departments will promptly notify the owner, store the residual removed to prevent damage to passers-by again. The reporters found that the store stuck in a three plates, three plates have been damaged, many local black, workers with a hammer is rotten. Xu said the owner, signs used for more than 2 years, he suspected that the advertising company is not installed firmly, and said it would be responsible for the accident. The Liberation Army 175th Hospital Department of Neurosurgery Doctor Liu introduced, patients with intracranial bleeding Zou Xiansheng, head, chin and arms have many wounds, need to be addressed, "what there is no big problem, but also to be seen."相关的主题文章: