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Zhang Zilin Xue Xiaolu Jeanette Aw Bao Xi interpretation of female spirit   MontBlanc Bao Xi series bright bloom – Fashion – people.com.cn September 7th, MontBlanc (Montblanc) in the Beijing Phoenix Center held six new Bao Xi series ladies watch the world premiere ceremony, with bright charm, calm and confident and exquisite style portrait salute MontBlanc "Bao Xi women". Three outstanding women perfect interpretation of modern "Bao Xi female spirit": Zhang Zilin, Xue Xiaolu and Jeanette Aw also elegant appearance, gongxiangshengju. Left: Jeanette Aw, MontBlanc Global CEO Zhang Zilin Xue Xiaolu, 2016 Lambeau Jie, MontBlanc is not only the third consecutive year, Bao Xi series, is the brand for the first time by MontBlanc watchmakers self-developed patent external Tourbillon introduced ladies watch. "Since the advent of big two years ago, Bao Xi series ladies watch is designed with a unique fashion and have favored customers. Today, we are very pleased to one of MontBlanc’s most popular watch series once again usher in a number of new products." MontBlanc Global CEO Lanboj (Jé Rome Lambert) said, "the launch of the new watch the women’s unique temperament into senior watchmaking excellence, to provide more sophisticated selection for modern women, the family treasure Xi works more perfect. Bao Xi series of elegant design, exquisite craft and extreme precision brand self movement perfect fusion, not only reflects the long tradition of watchmaking MontBlanc, MontBlanc has become more specifically designed for female consumers create a timepiece representative." "Bao Xi female charm bright bloom at that night, the guests invited to feel the" MontBlanc Bao Xi world "," Bao Xi witnessed female charm, confidence and style of bright bloom. Both Zhang Zilin and Xue Xiaolu shine charm of self-confidence and success, or the inspiration of Jeanette Aw style, "MontBlanc Bao Xi in the world" classic photos, video interviews and classic forms, all show his three modern "female Bao Xi" on the bright brilliance. Zhang Zilin as the first Chinese Miss World World Championship, the charm of Zhang Zilin has witnessed by the world, "Bao Xi women" charm still sporadic. Not only did she dare to explore a variety of roles in life, but also continued to give the world a good will, which allows her to emit a bright light from the inside out. "Life is about finding your own style and sticking to it." Zhang Zilin said, "today is very honored to participate in MontBlanc’s new women release activities, wearing the MontBlanc Bao Xi series external Tourbillon ultra-thin watches also gives me the opportunity to be the unique charm of Bao Xi women into my personal style." Xue Xiaolu assured Chinese elegant famous director and screenwriter Xue Xiaolu, good at drawing inspiration from the life, to screen the protagonist’s detailed restored real life, showing the most touching story to have a unique style of image. Speaking of MontBlanc tabulation process understanding, Xue Xiaolu director found resonance in his works creation: "precision is not easy to achieve, and Bao MontBlanc watch accurately in the Xi series of senior tabulation of the peak. For me, the precise grasp of the character and the authenticity of the details相关的主题文章: