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Zhang Yuancong: open the crude unilateral down gold within a narrow range to break the client view the latest quotes [micro-blog] meeting next week, the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan monetary policy will dominate the market recently, perhaps because of the quiet period, the focus of the market temporarily not too much to pay attention to the United States in the news, but the dollar interest rate question never leave. Although the Fed is expected to raise interest rates in September has been greatly reduced, but the market seems unmoved, from the gold price can be seen, the daily five Lianyin, long lack of confidence, the market state of extreme nervousness. Yesterday, the dollar weakness, gold daily at the end of the 5 fell yesterday after the Wednesday morning, dropping back to 1313, the European plate slightly rise in volatility, in fact very small fluctuation, the slow pace of small fluctuation, is the main feature of the recent gold market, short-term above the 1327 resistance line, the whole body is still bearish shock situation. In addition, the world’s largest gold holdings of ETF gold holdings fell to the lowest point in June, investors in the fed before the meeting next week to wait and see. The assets of SPDRGoldShares Tuesday by 0.5%, to 935.49 tons, fell in June 24th to the lowest positions from July hit a three year high, some officials contributed to this year the Fed will U.S. monetary policy tightening speculation, which makes interest bearing assets less attractive than gold, the price of gold this year after until June gains stalled because of the interest rate, doubts and appreciation of the dollar caused investors cautious sentiment. EIA data released on Wednesday showed that last week, U.S. crude oil inventories unexpectedly reduced, gasoline inventories increased, distillate stocks increased much more than expected. After the publication of the data, short-term oil prices staged thrilling roller coaster market. EIA announced last week, U.S. crude oil inventories fell 559 thousand barrels, the market is estimated to increase by 3 million 800 thousand barrels, recorded a record decline for the past three weeks. U.S. crude oil delivery Cushing inventory reduction of 1 million 245 thousand barrels. Cushing region crude oil inventories recorded for the three consecutive week of decline, the biggest weekly drop of 12 weeks. Data also showed that the United States last week, gasoline inventories increased by 567 thousand barrels, the market is estimated to increase by 343 thousand barrels. U.S. refined oil inventories increased by 4 million 619 thousand barrels, the market is expected to increase by 1 million 543 thousand barrels. Refined oil inventories recorded an increase of five consecutive weeks, an increase of more than a maximum of 8 months. Last week, U.S. crude oil imports increased by 1 million 76 thousand barrels a day, when imports of crude oil increased by the largest this year. After EIA released last week, U.S. crude oil inventories fell unexpectedly, oil prices recover all decline to rise, but then quickly taking EIA bring rose fell again, the most active NYMEX WTI in October crude oil futures contract of September 14th Beijing time 22:30 minutes trading disk instant turnover of 18830 hand, the value of more than $800 million to pay the contract caused by short-term U.S. oil jumped and then break through $45 a barrel. Spot gold daily finally recorded a small candle, after a 1313 plunge low level, the highest peak of 1326 on overnight, a little sun interrupted to continue to explore the rhythm, the four hour chart Bollinger band current low gradually shrinking, brin rail has.相关的主题文章: