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Your girlfriend must be rich… Sohu and had seen a girl online Tucao: her boyfriend votes and his love for two years, every holiday approaching birthday, always finding various quarrel, a few days and tested. At the beginning, he also reviewed his work is not too, and then summed up the law found that the boys may just want to avoid the gift giving link. Your girlfriend must be very rich, otherwise, how come you never send to know Wine, she is more than Wine, but was concerned about the feeling, and then deep feelings also need to operate and preservation, don’t love the light and heating. Today, I want to talk to you about the wine! Wine can charm "alcohol and alcohol +" (Alcohol and Alcoholism) journal research pointed out that drinking a cup of Wine, people involved in the experiment than they did not before drinking, looks more beautiful, more charming and handsome healthy. This is because the wine relaxes the muscles on the face, and has the effect of pupil enlargement and rosy cheeks. For others, these people look more like a healthy partner, attractive. In view of the above research, the wine is like a natural cosmetics, and PS, the function of corneal macrophotograph blush almost. But please note that the study also points out that the amount of drink is controlled in a cup, and that this effect will appear. The experiment did not prove that drinking more people would produce or increase. The study also suggests that the causes of the drinking behavior are more complex and two-way, because previous studies have shown that drinking makes people think they are more attractive. Can Wine + smart in addition to charm, "consciousness and cognition" Journal (Consciousness and Cognition) study also pointed out that a little alcohol can relax your mind and make us think more clearly, alcohol can make the brain run faster, no longer want to break the head for trouble. Drink smart science experiment, according to her boyfriend! Wine can explain creativity with a + experiment, compared to not drinking, drink can accelerate the ability to solve problems, and contribute to the formation of a flash idea. About 0.075% of the concentration of alcohol in the blood of the above functions to play the best, as to how the blood alcohol concentration, which is related to your gender, weight, alcohol, quantity and drinking time are related. Can Wine + Canada (The University of shaping University of Alberta Alberta) recently found that resveratrol in red wine, can help the human heart and lung function and muscle strengthening function, approximate motion effect! The study of the director of the University of Alberta Center for cardiovascular research Jason Dyck said, the study found that the benefits of resveratrol on sports like heart lung and muscle, this discovery could help those who want to exercise but the body cannot load the patient. The study found that drinking a glass of red wine a day can have a similar effect on the body and an hour at the gym. Fan Bingbing.相关的主题文章: