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The former president of Yemen, called on Saudi retaliatory armed attacks on 9 October, Xinhua news agency, Cairo (reporter Chen Lin) Aden news: Yemen’s former president Saleh on 9 of its followers and the armed forces issued a call for retaliatory armed attacks on Saudi arabia. Yemen Jose armed 8 news release said that the Saudi led multinational coalition in the afternoon on a funeral was held in Yemen in the capital Sanaa air strikes. Currently the number of deaths caused by air strikes for more than and 140 people, hundreds of injured. As an ally of the armed forces, Saleh, 9, delivered a televised speech, called on the military and security forces to Yemen and Saudi Arabia to take retaliatory action border. According to reports, the Saudi led multinational coalition 8, denied its bombing in Sanaa’s funeral, and investigate the attack, looking for other possible causes. The White House said it was "deeply troubled" by the incident and was ready to adjust the support of the Saudi led multinational coalition. In September 2014, Yemen Jose armed seizure of the capital Sanaa, and occupied the southern region of the country, forcing President Hardy fled to Saudi arabia. March 2015, Saudi Arabia and other countries for the launch of the armed forces codenamed codenamed decisive military action. In July 2015, support for Hardy’s government forces and tribal armed forces to support the multinational coalition in Aden province. Under UN mediation, the parties to the conflict in Yemen had peace talks. The last round of peace talks in Kuwait in April 21st this year, so far, the parties have not reached a consensus, the international community is still committed to restart a new round of peace talks. At the end of July this year, the Saleh and Jose armed Alliance announced the establishment of the "supreme political Council", and announced the appointment of a prime minister in October 2nd, and authorized the "responsible for the formation of national salvation government". (end) editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: