Yang Mi, Li Yifeng with a single pin 3000 yuan, what are you waiting for (video) shdoclc.dll

Yang Mi, Li Yifeng with a single pin 3000 yuan, what are you waiting for? In a week of New York fashion week this season shows, domestic artists have to play a new height, become a beautiful horse brand invited a fashion favorite show, the three big cousin; or as in the past the show, supermodel van Li Yifeng shocked the audience; the handsome appearance became popular coffee show abroad; the large power power was invited to participate in the Michael Kors brand show, as the season finale of the fashion week Huadan, a pair of legs to the outer space is full of praise; took advantage of the holidays, special sauce coming up for a whole season when collecting is large, usually have been prepared, take it up to the people. This season the New York fashion week of the most busy female artist, Ma Su also unveiled Akris, Tommy Hilfiger and LACOSTE three brands of fashion show. Akris is ECRIEE 2017 spring and summer series, dressed in a red skirt beautiful horse dates, are the full range of children. With Tommy Hilfiger founder photo. LACOSTE Island appeared dressed in beautiful horse show, the deep blue color sweater is almost occupied the headlines during the fashion week. Ma Su: I see grasping dolls on the walk also unveiled LACOSTE show Li Yixiao, but recently the costume drama screen female overlord Oh, popularity is very high, a dark blue red knitted suits, with the same color of the heels, stretch the legs, white body bags become bright. Dressed in black lace skirt collocation Nicole Miller Chanel red handbag, sexy and elegant appearance in the fashion week show, the beauty of the Oriental charm. Fashion show if there is no big cousin Liu Wen figure, it is not perfect for the national public, cousin international show important identity. Big cousin Tommy Hilfiger dressed in a new season of single coat appeared in the show, but also to pull a good bestie back. Such a high value as if Yan bestie is not much, figure out a new value Yan beauty standard. Then, a Rompers appeared Victoria Beckham show, as guests first look at the show’s cousin, also played a beautiful beautiful self show photos. The large power power as Michael Kors China, the only brand to invite friends to attend the 2017 New York Fashion Week Spring brand fashion show, the airport is in nature with nature, a dark green MICHAEL Michael Kors bag, as during the fashion week topic of a single product, is now the explosion of headlines. Large power airport with the paragraph Mercer package is the fall of MICHAEL Michael Kors launched a new Mercer, Brooklyn and Isadore series handbags, designed to create a new generation of young women IT BAG. The large power power Virgo, this year in New York held a birthday party for her, except for a special custom line with "Y.M" birthday cake, also have on the back in November will be a limited edition of MICHAEL Michael.相关的主题文章: