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Xu Xudong confirmed: apple in the Taiwan area Chinese first direct flagship store will be opened – Sohu [Technews] in science and technology science news, A13 day before the Far East Group President Xu Xudong to attend the SOGO anniversary press conference, said Apple in the Taiwan area China only direct flagship store, will be located in their own A13, the new museum, and the first episode of Apple will be located in Taipei 101 different messages. In fact, the Apple Corp direct retail store though most located in the shopping center opened a shop in shop, but there will still be a single "Flagship" flagship store, like a famous glass cube, located in New York’s Fifth Avenue, Apple Fifth Avenue. Because Xu Xudong clearly pointed out that the new A13 Apple outlets will be "Flagship", considering the effect of a store, Apple should only be Xinyi District only a Zhiyingdian left in the A13 museum. The A13 is located in Taipei Xinyi District loose the square Shou Road, pine road intersection. One side is Mitsukoshi hall A11. (Source:Google) but there are also other news that Taipei will still be building a 101 in the third quarter of 2017 to carry out the first Apple store, so Apple will equate to open two retail stores in Taipei Xinyi District, only 101 stores Limited construction pattern, will be smaller "shops", rather than currently the world’s only 20 flagship store types. Otherwise, the 101 store will only be a flash concept store, similar to the previous Tesla strategy. As for Xu Xudong, referring to the A13 museum is currently still under construction, is expected in 2 years, the slow opening at the end of 2018. This land 13 years ago by the Far East Group to 3 billion 200 million mark, located in A11, Neo 19 Mitsukoshi Museum by the opposite. (source: Flickr Jorge Lá named scarCC BY; 2) read: for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: