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Business Think about the managers youve admired in your life. It could be some one you have had the pleasure of working with or may be some one you have admired from afar. It may be some one you met on a management training course or it could even be the trainer of the management training course as they explained real life situations they had been involved in. It is likely that this person you are thinking of displayed certain characteristics as a manager, probably the characteristics were a mixture of getting the result they need, but also at the same time being good at managing people. It is likely that the manager showed ability in training and developing others and was passionate about improving the team and individuals skill level by providing ongoing training courses. Perhaps they were excellent and keeping focused on the vision and being able to communicate this to the team. One attitude that most successful managers have is that of enthusiasm, it is often said in management training courses if the manager can not get enthusiastic about the team and the objectives nothing will happen. The word approachability is also a term often used in management training courses. Todays managers have to be approachable, and there is more to being approachable than just leaving the office door open. Integrity and keeping calm under pressure is also a characteristic of todays successful managers. Words like creative open and honest are also used when describing successful managers. The ability to understand and show empathy to the team and individuals, as well as listen also need to be part of the ingredients needed for managers and management training courses. Very few people will disagree that a manager must be effective and able to make decisions and I suppose if you look at the core skills of management, making decisions must be number 1 or thereabouts. However good managers are those who can listen understand question and then make the decision even if it is unpopular. Teams and individuals generally do not mind unpopular decisions as long as they feel they have been treated fairly. The modern manager is also willing to take risks and if things dont work out as planned they do not beat themselves up, but rather learn from the mistakes. Recognising positive behaviour is a must in management and dealing with negative behaviour in a timely manner is also important. When dealing with negative behaviour management must remember to be clear and specific and work on factual incidents. There are numerous books and management training courses that talk about the importance of feedback and it is a vital component that every successful manager must work on. So when you look at some of the words above and relate them to the manager you admire you should see that there will be certain characteristics that the person you admire possesses. You should also see that you probably possess a certain number of these characteristics as well. When people ask me the question what would I be like as a manager? It is difficult to answer but if you display most of the characteristics above, you are on the right track. If you could then harness them characteristics and attend successful management training courses and develop the necessary management skills to display these characteristics to achieve getting results through your team, you could be on a winner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: