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Hemorrhoid creams offer an effective treatment option for curing or reducing the painful condition caused by hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid treatment cream is mainly used to reduce the primary symptoms of the disorder like itching, dryness and swelling. Though, they cannot cure hemorrhoids permanently often they play effective role in curbing the pain and facilitating comfort to the sufferer. Hemorrhoid treatment creams available in the market are of two types, respectively as, creams for external hemorrhoids and creams for internal hemorrhoid. The role of a Hemorrhoid cream Hemorrhoid cream as we have seen offers an effective remedy to reduce the visible and painful symptoms. These creams are mainly available over the medicine counter and offer the following remedies. Reducing swelling or inflammation of hemorrhoid tissue Offering relief from the pain and itching Easing the bowel movements and resulting pain Quickening healing of the damaged tissue and gradually relieving pain Easing and regularizing blood circulation in the affected area Lubricating and hydrating the area and preventing dryness What hemorrhoid cream is made of? Hemorrhoid creams can contain an array of healing ingredients for reducing the swelling and inflammation in the area. Some of the elements present in hemorrhoid creams include the following. Anesthetic: Anesthetic agents present in many hemorrhoids treatment creams offer a numbing effect and thus offer relief from the pain. Astringent: Many hemorrhoid creams contain Astringents that causes cool feeling and reduce the burning and itching sensation in the area. Analgesic agent: Analgesic elements such as menthol and camphor can be pain reliever by offering a cooling effect in the affected area. Moisturizing agent: Moisturizing agents like Glycerin not only helps in providing relief from itching but it also provides hydration and lubrication in the area. Steroid: Steroids like hydrocortisone used in many hemorrhoid creams reduces inflammation and offer quick relief from itching, swelling and pain. Aloe vera: Some hemorrhoid creams contain Aloe Vera which is known for anti-inflammatory property and capability to hydrate dry skin. Selecting the right hemorrhoid cream Skin type: As per the type of your skin and the hemorrhoid condition you should choose your hemorrhoid treatment cream. If you have oily skin creams can do better but in case you have dry skin ointments are the better option to choose. While creams are devoid of oil and is good for oily skin type, oil present in ointments can help people with dry skin to soften the area and reduce irritation in making bowel movement. Type of hemorrhoids: Knowing the symptoms particular type of hemorrhoid is also important to choose the right cream. Definitely for external hemorrhoids you need to apply a different cream while internal hemorrhoids have specific creams for treatment. Precautions for applying hemorrhoid creams Hemorrhoid creams when applied need to go through certain precautions. Avoid using hemorrhoid cream for prolonged time as this can cause thinning of anal tissues over time. If you have already skin problem, consult doctor before applying them. Apply the cream hygienically and make sure the area is cleaned before applying it. Use milder creams in the initial stage and then if needed, go for stronger creams for better results. In case of profuse bleeding or severe pain do not depend on hemorrhoids cream alone, consult doctor. Do not rub the cream on the area as this can cause more burning sensation. 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