When Karamay meets CCPC China production car performance contest yo te amo

When Karamay meets CCPC Chinese production car performance contest in September, the city of Karamay was started on the street: geothermal visitors become popular, street shops also become short cold noodle. People get together every day and talk about a lot of things about cars. Especially on September 16th – 18 days, in the city a few special places, such as Sanyiba attained self driving camp, such as the six road, seven road, even in suburban Gobi city " " the devil; scenic spots, often heard the roar of the car, let the whole city with a strange passion. And all this, because there is a special game – " 2016 China’s mass production car performance contest (CCPC) " the first stop in Karamay. 37 brands, hundreds of drivers gathered in Karamay and Karamay have   Dongfeng CCPC Chinese hit it off the production car performance contest (CCPC) is jointly organized by the China automotive technology and Research Center, Chinese automobile and motorcycle sports management center and the government of Karamay’s national events, the year 2016 a total of 37 mainstream brands more than 100 car race, covering the mainstream more than 85% models, known as " China automobile Olympic ". CCPC China production car performance contest and become attached to Karamay for the first time. Although the initial cooperation, but CCPC’s cooperation with Karamay was extremely. CCPC requires a more diverse range of venues and tracks, and even some extreme game environments. Karamay is in the desert the rise of Gobi City, not only a variety of road, there is a large area of the Gobi desert, wind erosion landforms, the climate in Gobi is very changeable, especially " the city " along the rugged road, sand all over the sky, it is an excellent site inspection car performance test; CCPC game city have relevant experience in the game and the automobile industry base, Karamay city as the world’s rich natural conditions, is the enterprise road test and shooting car prices making excellent venues large, also once held a number of major events; CCPC host city with excellent reception capacity, while Karamay is the transformation of the city is the focus of the development of tourism industry the industry, both large recreational activities, rich event organizing experience, and there are many unique scenery can satisfy the driver manufacturer Sightseeing tour. So, when Karamay met CCPC, achieved a unique car feast throughout September, Karamay brought together the most mainstream automobile manufacturers, most mainstream production models, attracting tourists from all sides, during the traditional Corban Festival staged a carnival " car ".       Karamay’s famous world devil city   competition and culture combined to create a new business card in fact, as early as the beginning of cooperation with CCPC, Karamay leadership on the table!相关的主题文章: