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Arts-and-Entertainment A classic pair of mid-calf boots are a staple for any fashionable woman’s winter wardrobe. The right pair will .pliment everything from a skirt to your favorite jeans. But how do you choose the right pair? Heel height, overall fit, construction, and where the top falls on your leg are the most important aspects to consider when shopping for the perfect pair of mid-calf boots. Overlooking any of these parameters can leave you with foot pain, a dangerous fall, or a just plain unattractive effect. The heel height of boots is very important, as is the type of heel. While four-inch stilettos may look great on the shelf, will they really stand up to slogging through the slush on your way to the office? Ask yourself if the type and height of heel is something you are one-hundred-perfect .fortable wearing. If you normally wear very high heels, this may not be a problem for you. However, icy conditions are not the time to try out new types of footwear. Choose a boot with a heel you are .pletely confident on, even on ice or in several inches of snow. The overall fit is also paramount. If you intend to wear the boots over leggings or other tight pants, make sure they have sufficient room in the leg. Also, look at the bottom of the boots. If you see anything but tread, give them a pass. Believe it or not, some boots are constructed like a dress shoe with a .pletely smooth bottom. While this may be the designer’s choice, are you really willing to brave a broken ankle or a bruised tail-bone for fashion? Finally, make sure the the zippers on both boots are sewn in at an angle and placement that meshes well with your anatomy. If the zipper lays right over the outside bone of your ankle, this has the potential to be very un.fortable and possibly sore the area. Be sure to inspect the boots’ construction very carefully. The seams should came together well, the stitching should be regular, and, if you live in an area that is very cold, the inside should be lined. The closures or zippers should be well-anchored into the body of the boot, not merely sewn on to the outside. If you’re purchasing leather, be sure to research the brand in question. Cheaply-made leather can bleed through when wet, leaving your socks and feet a new and interesting color never intended by nature. Finally, pay very close attention to where the top of the boot ends. You do not want boots that cut across the widest point of your calf. This makes your legs look both larger and shorter than they are. It’s very unattractive. Aim for right below or above the widest point of your calf for the most aesthetically-appealing boots. In short, selecting the perfect mid-calf boots is a matter of picking both the safest and most visually-appealing choice available. Heel height and type and good construction will save you from slipping and falling, and choosing the right fit and boot height will enhance their attractiveness. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: