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Just like any other children, I grew up watching animated movies and cartoon shows. Possessing a young and inquisitive mind, I was highly fascinated on how these images came to life. I became so engrossed that, later on, (even at an early age) I was able to discover my creative design skills. So, as a child who became too enthused with pictures in motion, I desired to create my own life-like captivating characters. Indeed, I was determined to pursue my great passion in animation and take up a career in creative design and digital arts. Unfortunately, my parents were against it and were always trying to change my mind. They wanted me to forget my childhood ambition and encouraged me instead to pursue other career paths which they think can give me far better job opportunities and financial stability. But despite their objections, I was firm about my decision. My great determination and passion with creative arts and imagery gave me the courage to continue the things that I truly love. Also, I did not believe that the field lacks opportunities. In fact, I discovered that there were a number of jobs available for digital art and design graduates. Among these include: Sketch artists Graphic designers Painters Cartoonists Illustrators Computer game developers Computer game programmers Visual artists Web designers Multimedia designers Meanwhile, I was lucky to be able to pursue my passion and enter the diverse and competitive world of digital and creative design industry as a 3D animation specialist. I was not only able to hone my creativity; I was also able to develop my technical skills in bringing computer generated imagery (CGI) characters to life. Among those skills that I was able to improve are the following: Drawing Storytelling Proper timing and composition Understanding of motion, size, ratios, and perspective Recognizing the stiff competition in the industry, I needed to be well-equipped with state-of-the-art skills and enhance my creative talents to remain current and abreast with the advanced and ever-evolving technology and digital design strategies and techniques. Also, I had to enrich my skills and abilities to penetrate the market and achieve my ultimate dream of becoming an expert animator. Knowing that completing college training or obtaining a certificate, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree program in animation will definitely hone my creative talents and increase my technical know-how, I enrolled at CIIT College of Arts and Technology. It is one of the best emerging multimedia and IT school in the Philippines that not only uses the finest and current facilities and leading-edge software application, but also hires first-rate faculty members. Do you consider being a 3D animation specialist ? Enroll now at CIIT! The school offers two-year diploma programs in multimedia arts, computer graphics, 3D animation, game development, information technology, and software engineering. It also has highly intensive corporate training programs and services designed for todays competitive and dynamic organizations. By way of intensive hands-on training, relevant extraordinary projects, and out-of-campus art competitions, CIIT helps its students build up a portfolio that encompasses their best works. This is certainly necessary to extremely demonstrate each students creativity and skills to make them employable in the industry. For more information about the school, visit .ciit-ph… 相关的主题文章: