Westworld how to robots and artificial intelligence as the protagonist tells a story of the West in havd707

"Westworld": how to robots and artificial intelligence as the protagonist tells a story of the West in 1973? Sohu science and technology news HBO upcoming Westworld, you may think this is a story of the western United states. This is not the case. Although the TV series in the western United States as a stage, but that the western world is not real, but a carefully constructed theme park, and the residents there are not human, but intelligent robots. In fact, this is an artificial intelligence as the theme of science fiction drama. Recently, the two chief Jonathan · Nolan and Lisa Joy (two husband and wife) accepted an interview with Wired website. Why do you want to adapt an old 1973 movie? "Westworld" adapted from the film of the same name in 1973. Nolan said, "the idea of" WestWorld "from J.J. Abrams (executive producer). The two men have been working together for many years in the suspect tracking. 20 years ago, J.J. Abrams once and "Westworld" director Micheal Crichton talks, expressed willingness to remake this drama, but he did not know how to shoot. Years later, he suddenly realized that the difficulty lies in the film is full of original ideas. For example, before the advent of the computer virus, the original thing was similar. He thought that so many ideas enough to make a drama". Why do robots play a major role? "Robots don’t know the rules of the world. Therefore, they are very good role, "Nolan said," I remember the discussion of "memento" with his brother; he wanted to do a flashback story, because it will enable the audience into the protagonist’s perspective. To some extent, "Westworld" is the same as the residents. They have a certain degree of amnesia, however, this kind of amnesia is design a good start." Is it true? Nolan said that they have done a lot of research to understand the status quo and future of artificial intelligence. However, many people in Silicon Valley do not want to talk about this topic, because the competition is too fierce technology companies. As for the scene of the western world, it is relatively easy, because the western world is a romantic imagination of a character, do not need to deliberately pursue authenticity. How to treat violence and sex in the play? When it comes to the HBO drama, it seems to be an inevitable topic (for example, the most recent game of power). In this regard, Lisa Joy said that when it comes to such a scenario, the crew will spend a lot of time to discuss. However, this topic is often subjective, "in particular, this theme park inspired human laissez-faire, arbitrary." "I hope this is a TV set people thinking," she said, "when I play a" GTA ", I am a law-abiding nerd, because I相关的主题文章: