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UnCategorized While there are many business functions to a web based membership program that indirectly enhances the member’s membership, there are many advantages to a web based membership program that will immediately influence the member. Some of these advantages are the use of a web scheduler, regular fitness assessments, specialized web access for members, and secure communication between members and their trainers. Stay organized with a web scheduler In today’s world, many of us have multiple schedulers and calendars to keep track of. Good organization help give members more time for the things in life that are advantageous, such as training at a gym. A web based membership program can be a powerful tool to track all appointments for personal training and classes and can even be linked to your personal scheduling tool. Keep fit with regular fitness assessments A web-based program is a very useful tool for tracking a members fitness assessment. The program can use things such as body fat, body weight, body mass index, strength, heart rate, blood pressure, and other factors to track and analyze a member’s fitness and to give regular fitness assessments to help define and improve their workout strategy. A web based membership program can allow members to securely log in and access their account information. They can make sure their membership status is current and update outdated information.A member and can also track all purchased training packages to review their training history, track sessions remaining and make their training programs more efficient and effective. Using a web-based program also gives the member the advantage of quickly viewing all upcoming appointments and make appointments. Members can also view current class schedules, get information on scheduling changes and sign up for classes right from home or work. Keeping members in direct contact with trainers Is your fitness center out of sight, out of mind? Not with a web based membership program. Trainers and members can keep in direct contact with secure communication for specialized workouts and messages. This will help members utilize their gym and training program to their full advantage. Virtual workouts can be sent from the trainer tailored just to that member. Information on nutrition and common exercises can also be within reach any time of day so that even if you cannot make it to the gym, the gym — and your trainer’s encouragement — can come to you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: