Watch the world cup hero from the vanguard of ups and downs and tactical evolution diying

Watch from the pioneer World Cup hero the ups and downs and tactical evolution of everyone, CaptainPlanet and to give everyone in a new competition environment analysis. All of this week’s data came from the World Cup event in the blizzard carnival. This paper will analyze the overall hero selection rate, the selection of heroes in different countries, as well as the hero’s pool and the players of the tournament MVP single hero detailed analysis.   this report is very special because of the unique world cup. Because most of the previous reports of data from the real professional team, but there are many teams in the world cup and non professional athletes. So this report will look a little different. But it also gives us an opportunity, through the analysis of the anchor player data, the conclusion may tend to most ordinary game player in the ladder will encounter the situation. In accordance with the national division of the team is more of a kind of meaning, so we can find out whether there are differences in the choice of lineup in different regions. Finally, I will pass the farthest distance to the cart on the map to analyze the different performance of offensive and defensive. But in any case, or take a look at the overall rate of use: Hero general red orange =, = = defensive attack, dark blue, light blue = accounted for echelon distribution S (> =95% usage *): Anna   (> 80%); a: Lucio,   B (Leah check; > 50%): Reinhardt   C (> 20%): Mccrea, Winston, Mei, and death, at   D Genji; (> 5%): hunting empty (<   F 5%): Pharaoh eagle, angel, D.Va, Zen, Hanzou, Yata order light, fortress, crazy mouse, black lily, 76 soldiers and Tobyn * Please use personal rational view F hero, here F represents only in the World Cup heroes use rate. This does not mean that your favorite hero is rubbish, it doesn’t mean on the ladder when you can choose their teammates makes groundless accusations. Let’s be friendly to each other. * I did not specify the level for the hero, but only for the different levels of the specified range of usage. The use of the game is completely derived from the use of time in the game, so the data here is completely objective manifestation. Echelon analytical grade S, class A and class B: Lucio and Leah check ruling environment, but Anna is the lead sister.   in the current version, the three heroes are undoubtedly the world’s top three carriages. Lucio and Leia check usage since I started making the competition environment analysis has been high. Lucio can take care of skills almost all: his occupation accelerated in the game is often used to play the upper hand, but his treatment is the ladder low-end office lineup of milk single savior. Check the Leah to protect themselves and teammates can also improve the damage output let the hero in the hands of more high-end game player.相关的主题文章: