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Vivian Hsu elegant appearance Peter Ho wedding, she learned to tie her hair – Sohu, first of all, on behalf of the chairman of the appearance of the majority of the fans of the fans to celebrate the grand wedding, applause, applause, big brother, applause, applause, applause, applause, applause, applause, applause, and so on,, the first time, the first time, the first time! Star wedding, in addition to the glorious couple, the number of stars in the guest is the most popular traditional projects. Peter Ho’s wedding, the president captured the long unseen two goddesses. The new Vivian Hsu. Once the idol drama queen Tammy Chen. Although the age is not small, but you can see that Vivian Hsu and Tammy Chen are very good maintenance! The face did not collapse, the figure is slim slim, but also very elegant wood? President summed up, their elegance, in addition to innate temperament, but also a lot of low ponytail! The president knows, in many people’s traditional impression, will feel that the hair is relatively low. Counter argument looks very good: "you see the ball head ah, apple head ah, the bar was tender!" The president can only say that this is definitely the old concept! Now the most fashionable people in the hair comb down here: white lily comb a low ponytail collocation air bangs, like clouds coming, ethereal temperament, so. But low ponytail all-match degree, it is beyond your imagination. With jeans, with a pair of retro black framed glasses, you can sell like super Marie meng. Put on the rivet leather, poke in bangs, cool punk that come. High dress upper body, immediately become elegant lady. N is really a model, a countermeasure! It is no wonder that the actress who can not think of a new hairstyle, it will choose a low ponytail, nothing else, simple and practical. But don’t look down on the low ponytail, it’s not boring at all, it can even play a lot of tricks. Jiang Shuying careful machine Jiang Shuying bows shirt collocation low ponytail, snow white lips, very beautiful. When the comb low ponytail, learn Jiang Shuying after using the hair tied in and around two laps and use clamps, rubber band, can perfect hide! Fan Bingbing did the same thing. Like Bing Bing, long hair, low ponytail is generally smooth and agile, strict in demands full comb clean. Gao Yuanyuan carefully dressed the machine are ICON Gao Yuanyuan, is also a low ponytail loyal "fan girl", like Gao Yuanyuan oblique bangs a little long, scattered down over the lower jaw, modified face and thin. Myolie Wu did the same thing. The key lies in the long Liu Haidi Masson, head hair Peng, head forming a rounded arc, formed together with the nature of lazy feeling and long bangs. Zhao Wei after careful machine normal into a low ponytail, then put the two bands in the hair, forming a spiral pattern, so that the original does not long hair more three-dimensional sense. Liu Tao did the same thing. And she put the tail part slightly apart, so that the shape of more loosely twisted, more pretty.相关的主题文章: