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Marketing-Direct At UK Datahouse, our data services have been specially designed to be able to provide you with a range of both business and consumer data lists. Through our vast database of businesses and homeowners, we can guarantee that we will have a data list to match your specific requirements. However your business chooses to use its data, from SMS marketing right through to direct mailing, we have something for you. Now, its even easier than ever to target your desired clients. Specify your requirements; whether it is location, age, size of organisation or even demographic, we will match you with a data list to suite your specific needs. Secondly, we are .mitted to ensuring that all of the data from our data service is .pletely up to date and accurate. This will make sure that you are only contacting consumers and businesses that have opted in to being contacted and are not on the telephone or mailings preference service. If you do find yourself trying to phone or mail a consumer or business on the telephone or mailing preference service, you could be facing a fine of up to 5,000. As well as financial benefits, using a data service that is accurate and up to date will also save your business time. You will not be wasting time contacting homeowners or businesses that have opted out of being contacted, moved out or changed their contact details. This will save your business, marketing team and telephone agents time. They will spend less time writing to and calling customers that do not want to hear from you or no longer live where you are contacting; in turn, reducing your negative response rate significantly. Whether you are generating leads for another organisation, or carrying out research in order to increase and grow your own, increased positive response rates can only be a good thing. It will provide you with more leads to sell to others and more information for your .pany to use when seeking new customers. The ability to target your specific customers will also make this possible, less time contacting people that have said they do not want to speak to you. With higher quality leads, more clients will seek you as their primary provider and increase your .panies in.e. From the benefits stated above, it is clear to see how our data services can be used to help your business grow and increase in.e. The option to target your preferred customer base will ensure that you are only dealing with relevant .panies and customers. We look forward to hearing from you regarding how our data services can be used to help your .anisation get the most out of your data. We want to help you save both time and money on your direct marketing campaigns and lead generation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: