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UnCategorized Why is it that accidents or urgent medical needs happens after the doctor’s office is closed or on the weekend? It never fails, it seems. Call it Murphy’s Law in full action. The proof is in the crowded emergency rooms across the nation to the tune of about 119.2 million ER visits annually. The average waiting time in an emergency room is 3.3 hours to be seen, treated and discharged. Emergency rooms are flooded with victims, ER personnel are overwhelmed by the caseloads, and patients are left waiting long periods of time for treatment. The CDC reported that 400,00 patients last year, had to wait 24 hours or longer for treatment. A case in New York in June 2008 reports that a 49-year-old woman died in the waiting room because no one could attend to her over the 24-hour period wait. There is an alternative to the emergency room for patients with illness or injury that is non-life threatening but can’t wait for an appointment with a primary care doctor. Urgent care facilities are a logical choice for such patients and urgent care centers are seeing an increase in popularity across the nation. Patients can by-pass the emergency room and walk into an urgent care facility without an appointment and receive treatment by a physician in record time. Why an urgent care center? An urgent care facility usually has extended hours from a doctor’s office, unscheduled appointments and walk-in treatment is administered. An urgent care center offers the same services as an emergency room in terms of a radiology for taking x-rays, rudimentary lab facilities for blood work and urinalysis, splinting fractures or setting broken bones, administering injections, allergy treatments, prescriptions written and in some cases, dispensed on site. Urgent care center employ significant numbers of family physicians so there is no shortage of doctors to administer medical services. Most urgent care centers are larger than a private practice and have immediate access to a hospital emergency room if it is needed. Most facilities are open during the evening and weekends. Some facilities are open 24/7. Private insurers, interested in keeping costs down, are now encouraging patients for choose an urgent care as an alternative to an ER visit. It is evident that urgent care facilities are filling a needed niche in the medical .munity. So if you or a family member has a slight emergency, find the nearest urgent care center for alternative treatment in a Pasco County urgent care center or a Pasco County walk-in clinic. Avoid the ER if you can. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: