Unlimited live real film Takuya Kimura joined Erika Toda xpphone

"Live" unlimited movie Takuya Kimura Erika Toda joined since according to Hiroaki Samura comic adaptation of the movie "of the immortal" plan started to take a lot of attention for this drama, Takuya Kimura did not hesitate to expose the true height. In the fierce competition of the heroine in the battle, a corner of the final set of RIN Asano is 19 years old "flower" Shan Xiao hua. The official recently Zaibao Mengliao, from the "death note" "MISA" Erika Toda played great beauty B Dian painted orange. Erika Toda Dian painted orange B is one of the enemy million times in the original beauty, Wu Yi strength, but miserable. Because the young brother beat brother forced seppuku Dutch act, father, mother and daughter were out of the house, the mother in order to bring her up and away. Dian had painted at Sensoji bondservants, after the assassination of a Geisha, 000 times in long shadow under the direction of. The first time after a failed assassination decided to become a swordsman, 000 beat second times in the duel. In the exchange and Rin made clear in their own future, eventually leaving long shadow as visitors. (the first row from left to right), Ichihara Hayashihito, Erika Toda, Cang jig. (second row from left to right) Kitamura Kazuki, Chikai Kuriyama, and Mitsushima Manosuke. (third row from left to right) city of Sichuan old sea, Tanaka, Yamazaki Tsutomu. Erika Toda said he was the first action film, just take an action will take a lot of time, she was surprised. Dian painting is a handsome and charming and illusory, poor woman, she has never played this role to play, particularly relaxed mood. She and Takuya Kimura since the first collaboration with the TV series, has not worked together for 10 years, when she met again to ask her how old. Kimura was surprised when she answered that she was 27 years old. Kimura is like a big brother to play the first contact, she has taught many tips. 1 Takuya Kimura’s official height is 76 meters, but the outside world has been in doubt on this data. Entertainment spread "Wood Village exposure height play", and beat the game and sandals will reveal his true height. In addition to join Erika Toda, the official also announced the million other enemies list of actors, a revenge swordsman group feel irreconcilable hatred "Yi knife flow" the main Tianjin long shadow by "death exit · and actress;" circle "Ichigo" Raffles Cang jig played down to Tianjin and United million times together battle of the corpse by Liang "the very word war" Jingshan Hill "sub hi good" as Ichihara Hayashihito, eventually million died kanma Yongkong by dismemberment "Conan and the old Tibetan Kabuki eighteen times" Chuan Hai old inference "Tibet" Chuanhai old Tibet played. There are other actors (Yamazaki Tsutomu ornaments Iran plume Research), min Tanaka (decorated hook group), Kitamura Kazuki (decorated with black people, Chikai Kuriyama (mackerel), Mitsushima Manosuke (Bai Lin ornaments) with fierce fighting wear) etc.. The left is right for her fir flower, Asano rin. "Live" is unlimited talk in Guangming Village agency "AFTERNOON" on the issue of serial comic, tells the immortal killer and the girl on the rin million revenge story. The movie by Takuya Kimura and Xiao Shan flower star, will be released in Japan on April 29, 2017. .相关的主题文章: