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A famous American scholar: Hangzhou G20 summit Chinese home court to show the power play – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, August 26 (Zhou Qianxian Fu Qiang) from the 2008 G20 summit held in Washington for the first time in September this year, Hangzhou hosted the first Chinese, "Chinese from participants are becoming one of the main characters, embodied as a world economic engine power play." A famous American economist, Geopolitician William? Endaoer recently accepted China News Agency reporters interview. 2008 autumn rainy Washington, the financial crisis of the world face. In order to save the world economy is in serious trouble, the group of twenty on the basis of the original finance ministers and central bank governors meeting, opened the G20 summit. Engdahl believes that G20 has been dominated by the United States and other Western countries. The 10 summit held so far in the first 4 games from the United States, Britain, Canada, the group of seven (G7) for. In the weak global economic growth, some economies into recession background, trade and investment protectionism under the "rich club" G7 closed consultations more and more difficult to solve the world’s problems, to other "hot" in G20. "Emerging economies, including China, have a greater voice." He pointed out that, despite the slowdown in China’s economic growth in 2015, but this is the only way to replace the quality of the transformation period, China’s contribution to world economic growth rate is still above 25%. Chinese initiated the establishment of Asian infrastructure investment bank, the establishment of Silk Road Fund, put forward the "The Belt and Road" initiative, perfect all kinds of bilateral economic dialogue mechanism. G20 Hangzhou summit is expected to Western led global economic governance system, developed economies and emerging economies to share the G20 system. Of course, the western countries hope to lead G20’s footsteps and never stop, "said Endaoer, have roughly the same system and culture, the group of seven members of the summit" Baotuan "can make the western developed economies for voice and greater control in G20. He reminded that since the end of 2011, the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) has been introduced, will be excluded from china. China still needs to face the strong position of western countries in the global governance system. In the eyes of the geopolitical scholars, cooperation with other emerging economies is crucial to china. At the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China can further promote infrastructure projects and financial reform, and enhance the voice of developing countries on the global stage. But on the G20 platform, there is still a lack of a platform for communication between China and other countries, the need to build this platform in the future. (end)相关的主题文章: