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Uber plans to achieve the city air traffic center in the U.S. stock market within the next 10 years: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real time warrants market within the next 10 years to achieve the air or short distance commuter system of Sina Technology News Beijing time on October 28th morning news, Uber on Thursday released a white paper shows that short distance commuter air system in less than 10 years will come out. In the white paper, Uber predicts that in the future, commuters will be able to board a small plane, take off vertically, and reach the destination within minutes. Such a small plane can even be unmanned. It sounds like the 1962 American cartoons "modern family" in the scene. It is expected that in the future, we will see the automatic sidewalk, robot nanny, and spacecraft. Uber believes that the short haul traffic in the air will be feasible, the final price will be affordable. Currently, Uber has been providing helicopter services to commuters in Brazil. The company plans to hold a global summit early next year to explore on-demand air travel. In this service, small electric aircraft can take off vertically, thereby easing congestion, the need to address the needs of distant destinations. Uber is not the only company that has put forward the concept. Vertical takeoff and landing aircraft is a hot research topic in the past few decades, and the concept of aircraft carrier, military, NASA, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Uber is currently exploring unmanned technology, hoping to get rid of dependence on the driver, reducing the cost of on-demand travel services. The need for air traffic opens up a new field. The 97 page document, Uber said, if the regulatory authorities, community and vendors efficient cooperation, so according to the air traffic will be in the next 10 years, but the cost will be reduced to an acceptable range. Uber expects the final price of the vehicle based on the vertical take-off and landing aircraft will be much lower than the car. Uber expects that this kind of on-demand vertical take-off and landing aircraft will be equipped with automation technology. The automated system will be responsible for most of the flight. Eventually, the aircraft will be able to fully automatic driving. Barriers to the development of such aircraft include battery technology. The cost of the battery must be reduced, and the charging speed must be accelerated, resulting in a more powerful performance, get a longer life time. Regulatory hurdles must also be addressed, such as aviation management needs to be certified. In addition, infrastructure construction, such as aircraft landing site, must keep up with. Uber plans to engage in the next 6 months with all stakeholders, to explore the city air traffic concept, to share the company’s point of view, to explore the problems and solutions, help to accelerate the development of city air traffic. (Qiu Yue) responsible editor: SF107相关的主题文章: