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In September U.S. payrolls expected to increase 175 thousand or higher on the basis of the fed to raise interest rates, U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks in Beijing on the evening of 7 Reuters U.S. September non farm jobs growth rose to bring more material, according to rising interest rates or for the Fed, and hinted at before the presidential election in the United States economy is to enhance the kinetic energy. According to Reuters survey of a number of analysts, they are expected to increase in September non farm payrolls increased by 175 thousand, higher than in the year of the 151 thousand in August. The increase is at the level of monthly average growth so far this year, and fed chairman Yellen said last month that it was "unsustainable" and that the economy could overheat over time. She has said that the U.S. economy needs to create about 100 thousand jobs a month to keep up with the growth of the U.S. population. The labor department will release the employment report on Friday Beijing time 20:30, the market is expected in September the unemployment rate steady at 4.9%. "The strong employment report will strengthen the interest for," the Richmond Fed President Lagueur this week in West Virginia, Huntington told reporters about the growth of jobs generally estimated. This will be the Fed last November 1-2 policy meeting before the last employment report. Given that the meeting was too close to the November 8th presidential election, investors thought it would be almost impossible for the fed to raise interest rates. Yellen said last month that the Fed may raise interest rates this year. But the federal funds rate futures trend shows that the fed in December last year, the last meeting of the possibility of interest rate hike is only slightly higher than 50%. Some Fed policymakers in favor of speech, slowly raise interest rates. But at the meeting last month, there are three policy makers to raise interest rates, while the Fed decided to keep interest rates unchanged. Republican presidential candidate Trump accused the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates low is playing politics. Yellen and other Fed policymakers deny. Mr Trump has also been a major campaign promise to reverse America’s manufacturing unemployment. Manufacturing jobs are expected to decline in September, the fourth consecutive month of decline or flat. The industry has lost 39 thousand jobs this year. However, the overall strength and payroll employment market rise, may become the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary’s political capital, she said, belong to the Democratic incumbent president Obama’s policy is helpful to the economy. Analysts expect the average hourly wage for private sector workers to increase by 2.6% in September compared with the same period last year. The average hourly wage increase was a sign of accelerated growth, but still slower than the pre recession level in 2007-2009. At the end of last year, the Federal Reserve implemented its first interest rate hike in nearly 10 years, but since then it has kept interest rates unchanged. In August, the growth rate of nonfarm payrolls slowed, many analysts believe that this reflects the challenges facing the adjustment of weather data. (end) editor: Li Wu SF053相关的主题文章: