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News-and-Society Don’t know how to make use of Twitter for Photos? Although Twitter has no direct support for any type of media sharing, you could still share photos and other types of media through your tweets by making use third-party sites! The sites that provide image sharing services for Twitter have varying features and may give several different method for sharing images. For example, Twitpic may make you able to share photos on Twitter through SMS or email while Twitgoo does not provide such a method. Now, you are probably wondering what these twitter image sharing services to make you able to use Twitter for Photos. Below I will list some of the third-party services and a short description on each to help you decide which ones would best suit your needs. Your account in twitter is what you will most likely use to log in to most, if not all these image sharing services which make them very much convenient to use. You do not need to register once again! – Twitpic – first to be mentioned is this largely popular website for photo sharing on Twitter, which gained immense popularity for displaying the first photos for Hudson river incident. You can use your phone, Twitpic’s site, or though Twitpic’s API you could use for your own application. If you do not understand what an API is, then do not worry about it because that would mean you have no use of it. – Twicli – this is not just a photo sharing service, but a media sharing service that has support for high-quality video and audio attachments! It also has a tagging feature which is patterned after Facebook’s which allows you to tag your friends and followers on the photos and videos you upload. It also makes you view photos in all sizes available and has great audio and video quality. It is great third-party service for Twitter which I find to be my favorite so far! One more thing, they welcome user input and suggestions over what features users would want added to Twicli and they actually take the time to see what majority of users want and act on it- a simple yet effective way to keep users loyal and know what to add and improve on their service. – Pikchur – is an image sharing service. It allows you to upload photos from your mobile phone/device. What makes this stand out from other photo sharing services, is that it enables you to share photos to multiple social networking sites with just one upload! Highly ideal for you people who have accounts on many different social networking sites. Pikchur enables you to post photos at twitter, Facebook, flicker, brightkite, jaiku, tumblr, friendfeed, Plurk, and koornk. – Yfrog – this service allows you to share videos and photos with a very simplistic, user-friendly interface. This is ideal for those who just want the bare essentials for photo or video sharing and immediately get to start doing these things pronto! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: