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Medicine After pregnancy, the women are stimulated by the brain to eat, and for this process to start, the brain is creating special hormones named HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). On the other hand, some patients couldnt stop eating because of this hormone so theyve put weight on them and they also had heart problems. For stopping this thing, the North American pharmacies are offering all over the world a new medicine: HCG Plus which is taken orally, one droppers twice a day under the tongue, for destroying the fat in the body. Also, there are also HCG drops which are offering the same result as the HCG Plus, it only depends what the patients want to use. There are also some patients, who cant lose any fat, although they are taking HCG medicine, they need to visit an allergy research group just to check if the HCG medicine is having any effect for their body. In other cases, some people found blood clots in their body and veins so they need to release those clots somehow, and on the medical market a new product was born: Nattokinase, also known as The Enzyme of Enzymes, a product offered by the Aidan corp. .pany, which is a new drug designed for the blood clots and a good blood circulation in all the body parts. After losing the fat from the body using the mentioned methods, the patients will need an energy boost, and the best treatment for this is the MacaGold, a new treatment offered by Allvia Integrated Pharmaceutics. All these medications are necessary for the metabolic maintenance. Also, some people .plained about acnes and modifications of the tan after losing weight and energy, but the online medication stores are offering Ayush Face Pack, a special powder offered by Ayush Herbs for acnes and for a refreshing cleaning of the face. Another problem for those who are having metabolic problems, is the lose of minerals from the body, especially Beta Carotene or Vitamin C and for this problem, a lot of patients from North America or South America are using Progenavite 60, also known as Progena which is offering a very good amount of Calcium, especially for the hypoallergenic and vegetarian persons. Another good drug for obtaining back all the vitamins lost during the lost of weight process, is the chewable vitamin C offered by Pharmax. Those are the medications that everyone who is suffering from metabolic problems should follow. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: