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Health You’re absolutely irresistible…But are the workouts you do for yourself? When it comes to pure getting lean power, these 4 boxing fitness & MMA fitness tips are magic (and you can do them anywhere!). These 4 simple fitness steps will do your body wonders. Don’t let the boxing exercise overwhelm you because I’m able to get through all 4 each morning in 20 minutes. 1. Jump Rope Fitness: You’ve probably heard it already…But the jump rope is an awesome way to get lean. It’s a boxing fitness & MMA fitness training tactic used by the professionals. For ladies, jump rope boxing fitness starts to show results in your back, butox, and thighs very quickly. Skip the rope until you can do 4x three-minute rounds. Take a 1-minute break between sets. 2. Boxing Fitness Strength Training: Muscle conditioning results come fast by training in rounds. A 20 rep push-up with 3 sets is gold. Interval training is the life-blood of boxing fitness & MMA fitness for many of the top conditioned fighting athletes. Research shows that cardio can be contrary to your fitness goals, especially if you want muscle mass & keeping lean. Another boxing fitness & MMA fitness secret is to start changing things up for QUICK results. For example, do the push-ups slower, try doing 3 sets of 20 with 1 hand, etc. 3. Boxing Fitness Core Training: Boxing fitness & MMA fitness exercises are designed to have your body working like a kinetic chain – they train the core…It’s part of the reason that results you get using boxing exercise are long-lasting and have perpetual impacts on your body. I remember when I was in college and exam time rolled around…If I had not discovered fitness boxing, I would have lost everything… My health, my physique, my motivation. Often times, circumstances in our lives change and your routine gets messed up. The french would say, c’est la vie – that’s just life. It happens sometimes. But doing some core training and taking your workouts out of the gym allow you to stay in shape and remain fit. A great boxing fitness core stability exercise is to workout your lower back and abs. Crunches and curl-ups (where your chin touches your knees) will do the trick. Switch things up here. Start with 3 sets of 20 for both crunches and curl-ups and then aim for 3 sets of 50… 4. Burpee Conditioning: a) Get in a squat position so your knees are bent. b) Put your hands out on the floor in front of you. c) Now kick both your feet back so they’re fully extended (you should be in a pushup position). d) Quickly return your feet back to the squat position (your hands should still be out on the floor in front of you). e) Jump as high as you can. Make sure that when you leap up, you’re reaching for maximum height. For fitness conditioning, this is one of my favorite exercises. It seems easy but it ain’t. Work your way up to 4 sets of 15 reps. You’ll thank me for it later. Burpee conditioning is awesome because it really gets you strong and super lean. This is a professional MMA fitness technique. If you play sports you’ll notice that your sport performance will drastically improve once you’re able to comfortably do 4 sets of 15 reps. Don’t wait a freaking second. You could be working today on permanence in your fitness results and become better looking, sexier, stronger, and more confident. Yes, even if you want from the comfort of your home office, kitchen, or living room. Use these 4 boxing fitness & MMA fitness secrets for lightening fast, cut-the-nonsense, unconventional methods to get the fitness results you want. About the Author: There are many strategies for fitness. But nothing else makes sense once you learn about MMA & boxing fitness . Discover real ‘secrets’ of the top MMA & boxing athletes for lightening fast whole-body results to get the physique you have always envisioned. Sign up right now for the FREE "Unparalleled Fitness" Newsletter. To find out exactly how to do that go here: ..mmaboxingfitness.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: