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In order to enhance the transformation of scientific research achievements of "dynamic" — technology — "nature" on the British magazine before the release of the "2015 China index" natural display, our country of the world high quality overall contribution to scientific research ranks second in the world, after the United states. This shows that the level of scientific research in our country or in the number of achievements have made considerable progress. However, there is still a huge gap between China’s scientific research and practical application, the transformation of scientific research achievements is not ideal, this also leads to social criticism of the sound can be heard without end on the scientific research work. Continue to strengthen the development of the first driving force of innovation, we must attach great importance to the transformation of scientific research, and promote the integration of science and technology and the economy. Of course, not all scientific research can be directly translated into applications. In scientific research, a part of the basic research, mainly cognitive progress, can not immediately produce a corresponding application, technology or product. It is not only realistic, but also not conducive to the development of science and technology that all scientific research achievements are simply transformed into applications. So, in addition to basic research, the transformation of scientific research in China is not smooth, why not? From the actual situation, mainly in the following areas: first of all, China’s investment in scientific research. The national general cannot give researchers a specific topic, but only in the specific categories of guidance, scientific research projects and direction choices are more dependent on the expertise and interest of researchers themselves, need of reality, the social needs of the industry is not considered. This leads to a lot of scientific research projects only for scientific research and scientific research, to solve practical problems and the purpose of production development needs is not strong, the lack of adequate landing conditions. Secondly, the lack of scientific research input power. Enterprise demand is the most important driving force for the transformation of scientific research achievements. However, some enterprises in China pay more attention to short-term economic benefits, and scientific research investment has been at a low level. Once again, the scientific research achievement evaluation orientation deviation. Whether universities or research institutes, scientific research achievements evaluation system papers, awards, research projects, the number of high weight, while the social and economic indicators are relatively scarce. This leads to the transformation of scientific research personnel don’t care. Finally, the supporting system is not perfect. The laboratory research results can be used not to take over, into practical technology or product is a complex process, not only need time, need huge manpower and capital investment, and there is the risk of failure. The professional intermediary organization which is engaged in the transformation of scientific research achievements in our country is not perfect, and the venture capital system which is matched with the technological innovation is not perfect. Promote the transformation of scientific research, the core is to solve the problem of power. In 2015 issued a "deepening the reform of science and technology plan", an important objective is to open up between technological innovation and economic and social development channels, give full play to science and technology as the first productivity, innovation first force. Only in this program will put forward the reform measures put in place, China’s large number of achievements in scientific research can into realistic productivity, to better serve the needs of industrial upgrading, to serve the needs of economic and social development. To this end, we should first adjust the direction and structure of national research funding. Pass)相关的主题文章: