The Tainan earthquake has killed 41 people, prosecutors to detain the Crown Victoria Building –

The Tainan earthquake has killed 41 people, prosecutors to detain the Crown Victoria Building – Beijing, Beijing, February 9, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that the earthquake caused Tainan city of southern Taiwan wingain Jinlong building collapsed causing heavy casualties, Tainan prosecutors said, have been arrested and 2 construction builder Lin Minghui company personnel, and Lin Minghui 3 people have 9 days to collusion risk, business negligence in death too, to judge the sound of charge. Tainan City Crown Victoria Jinlong building collapsed in southern Taiwan 6 earthquake, has killed 39 people and injured hundreds and hundreds of people lost to the rescue, disastrous. Suspected when builders cut corners, and changed its name in the company after the collapse of the Tainan prosecutors believe builder Lin Minghui suspected major, on the evening of 8 and his construction company, Zhang Zhengxing staff of 3 people arrested. The prosecution in the Lin Minghui 3 people have colluded in danger, on the morning of 9 to "professional negligence lethal" accusations, to judge for custody, the court will be held in custody this afternoon. Taiwan Southern 6 morning suffered a magnitude 6.7 earthquake, Tainan Municipal Fire Bureau earthquake disaster response center statistics show that, as of 9 noon 12, the cumulative number of deaths to 41 people, of which 39 people died in Victoria Crown Building, lost to save 109 people.

台南地震已41人遇难 检方声押维冠大楼建筑商-中新网   中新网2月9日电 据台湾“中央社”报道,台湾南部地震导致台南市维冠金龙大楼倒塌造成重大死伤,台南检方表示,已拘提建筑商林明辉及2名建设公司人员,并以林明辉3人有串供之虞,9日以业务过失致死罪嫌,向法官声押。   台南市“维冠金龙”大楼,在台湾南部6日地震中倒塌,至今造成39人死亡、数百人受伤、上百人失联仍待救援,灾情惨重。   外界怀疑当初建筑商偷工减料,且在公司倒闭后改名,台南检方认为建筑商林明辉涉嫌重大,8日晚将他及建设公司张姓、郑姓人员共3人拘提。   检方以林明辉3人有串供之虞,9日上午以“业务过失致死”罪嫌,向法官声请羁押,下午法院将召开羁押庭。   台湾南部6日凌晨遭遇里氏6.7级地震,台南市政府消防局震灾应变中心统计显示,截至9日中午12时,死亡人数累计至41人,其中维冠大楼死亡人39人,失联待救109人。相关的主题文章: