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Who is the SEER of TA? CEO to Chinese from Apple saying — communication channel — original title: who is the SEER of TA? CEO to Chinese from Apple saying "from" who is it? What Apple CEO turned from? No doubt, from everyone is familiar with Cook, I jokingly changed the name. Cook’s father described earlier in Cook when he said: "from every Sunday will call home and his mother say, never forget." Apparently, old Cook couldn’t take his son’s name. We believe that from the old Cook’s words also how many can learn a little about the outside of apple CEO halo "from" person. "Cook", "Cook" called for many years, do you know what it is — Cook, formerly known as "Timothy Donald Cook" — from Donald Cook (transliteration)??. Tim? Cook (Tim Cook) is more intimate, is also the nickname. "Cook" the name of China is clearly more "". "Who is the SEER of TA? CEO from China – saying that apple to turn to the question…… Since Cook took office apple CEO so far, the annual arrangement of the trip to China, from the beginning of 2012 to the present, the annual or twice of the Chinese Bank of China has been going on, and even a gradual warming trend of the situation in the United States, from the beginning of the year to the end of. So, it is in the past few years, Cook’s China trip is for what purpose, what changes, who is the first to see every trip "TA"? First of all, a simple understanding of Cook. Timothy Donald Cook from? Donald? Cook Cook resume from 1983 to 1994 — at IBM, North America and Latin America has managed the product manufacturing and channel. 1994 to 1997 – working as a computer wholesaler Intelligent Electronics (Intelligent Electronics), the dealer division chief operating officer. 1997 – Compaq (Compaq Computer), served as vice president of Department of materials, about half a year. March 1998 start – by Jobs’s invitation to join the Apple Corp, served as president of operations. October 2005 – Apple Corp was promoted to chief operating officer, Jobs sick during the three acting chief executive of the company, now Jobs can be seen on the attention, and the future of Cook as the successor of Jobs preferred to occupation. August 2011 – officially took over as CEO of Apple Corp, continues to date…… After the Cook as CEO of Apple Corp, doubts about its ability has been associated with the left and right, has been compared with Jobs is most often compared to some things, not many people are willing to believe that product development from Cook made the apple product lost the Jobs era of the "spiritual", many people are willing to believe every time Cook in charge of the apple problem is attributed to Cook himself, would many people ignore Cook)相关的主题文章: