The news for Erie gold master rumors are not true because the situation suddenly suspended placards

The news for Erie gold master rumors are not true because the situation suddenly placards suspended hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my [related] sunshine insurance placards reading Yili promised shares within a year has holdings of seven listed companies in the sunshine insurance placards placards forced to stop Yili Yili blocking anti takeover risk capital placards again poised to strike an emergency suspension set by the plan to throw sunshine insurance placards Erie three aspect: in which the latent stock reporter Xu Rui, editor Sun Fang Vanke and Yili, is listed the higher the company brand awareness, is also a highly decentralized equity structure of the blue chips, also suffered venture capital Strong placards, and also in foreign capital placards after suspension to avoid risks". In the treasure million dispute has not yet subsided on the occasion, the current market is more concerned about whether a similar stake in the battle will be staged in the Erie shares. In the attention of regulators, the Yili intends to amend the articles of association to prevent foreign capital hostile takeover plan has been shelved, however, listed companies had worried about now has become a reality. The evening of September 18th, Yili sudden announcement that in September 14th after the slightly overweight, sunshine insurance group under the sunshine life and sunshine insurance has total holdings of Erie shares 303 million 240 thousand shares, the shareholding ratio reached 5%, which hit placards line. After the passive disclosure of the news, for the foreign capital has always been sensitive to Yili immediately in 19 morning emergency suspension planning major events, and delineated related matters may involve significant asset restructuring or non-public offering of stock. It has also been interpreted as a market for response to the placards and to take anti takeover measures. It is understood that the "sunshine insurance provisions limit after buy shares quickly sent a letter to the company announced placards, Yili feel very suddenly, so as to deal with the immediate suspension, subsequent operation plan is not yet clear, Yili announcement also gives a broad restructuring or set by these two possibilities." A source close to the Erie shares to Zhengbao reporter said that the outflow of the outside world, Erie shares to suspend the search for ‘King’ support to avoid malicious acquisitions and other rumors, are not true. Yili is more dispersed ownership structure, the company has no controlling shareholder and actual controller, the largest shareholder of Hohhot Investment Limited shareholding ratio is only 8.79%; in addition, the Erie shares management layer on the production and operation of the company, although it has considerable right to speak, but the shareholding ratio is not high, so the company is particularly concerned about the listed company control problems. Under this background, the company was pre intends to amend the articles of association of the company, "the shareholders shall be increased up to 3% notification" provisions to strictly limit the sale of shares to outside investors, so as to prevent the malicious purpose of the acquisition of foreign capital. However, the subsequent operation attracted regulatory inquiries, "chapter" bill eventually helpless stranded. Back to the sunshine insurance, or to take full account of the Erie shares相关的主题文章: