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The new Xiao Ke theatre musical Masterpiece — "be careful" – the Sohu drama "because of love 1" after the new Xiao Ke theatre musical Masterpiece — "be careful" will be staged in October 1st National Day day warm heart.   "ten million watch" is the second part of the Xiao Ke musical "you say I’m easy.". Read the "million agreement" viewers know, "you say that I am easy" series mainly tells the story of the people themselves, and before the "love Trilogy" series of the biggest difference is that it is more close to people’s life, more down to earth. The "million careful" as a person released a series of story unfolded. Continuation of Xiao Ke’s musical style has always been unique, so that you get the full harvest of laughter.   actor, deputy director Wang Dezhi for the first time and play the leading role as the male lead, played after the release of the white Dagao, said the director Wang in order to change other mulberry mulberry Kezhou; as the doctor in the "million dollar agreement", still played the Sang doctor, he will bring us what kind of surprise in the new? Play small Ke remove laozhangren burden, avatar film company boss Su Xiaolei Xiao Ke; theatre as Bi Yuanfeng still handsome Yan value down, Yan challenges of high value male star; "million agreement" in sweet history a modified sweet wind, as 200 pounds of fat girl successful counter attack. "Million agreement" plays the stepmother of Tang Min’s high cold actress Jia Yiwen; there are wonderful interpretation in the new regression of the popular show 90 old artist sun Ge Chuanye. Not to mention the music, the Xiao Ke musical has always been based on original music. The musical, Xiao Ke specially for drama "please careful" wrote many new songs, and personally penned every song and music, such as a quality. The original version of the actor CD is also about to be taped to the audience. The show will take place from October 1st to, every Wednesday, Friday (19:30); two Saturday (14:30,19:30); Sunday (16:00), the show includes national day, halloween. "Be careful", we at the Xiao Ke theater Be There Or Be Square! Please pay more attention to the "Xiao Ke Theatre" public number for the performance information and promotions. The outline of the story of a man in prison, spent his entire youth, released from prison after accidentally become the new star in the entertainment circle, floating under what time, waiting for him, the reason is a be struck dumb when he was in prison is actually…相关的主题文章: