The new visual YouBiKa investment in January was cut to the principal coordinate compensation txplatform

The new visual YouBiKa investment in January was cut to the principal coordination for new visual YouBiKa investment principal in January halved the rapid rise and popularity of youbiqia electronic trading has become the main mode of financial management, more and more investors and the majority of collectors, but in recent years the investment risk gradually increased Youbi cocaine criticized. The day before, the Beijing Daily reporter received revelations, there are investors to buy the Beijing new visual culture limited YouBiKa collections, not only high return other claims have not materialized, the principal investment also fell to 56%. Investors claim that Hebei YouBiKa trading center after the investigation has admitted that agents are violations. In the face of the Beijing Business Daily reporter interviewed, trading center, said that we are adults, investors should pay for any results of their own venture capital, trading center will not be coordinated. 3% a day income actually promised within 1 months of the huge loss of 56% according to investor Ma Guoqiang (a pseudonym) said, in June 2016, a network called Yan people and He Kexin friends through WeChat, said he was Hebei YouBiKa Trading Center (legal entity is Hebei Binhai commodity trading market Services Limited) subordinate member analyst assistant. The internal message, one called "the first women’s Football Championship" stamps can be obtained every day more than 3% of the proceeds, the ticket from the opening 200 yuan has risen to 800 yuan, they can easily put the ticket to the price of 1000 yuan or more, and has repeatedly promised no risk. In the heart constantly Yan recommendation, Ma Guoqiang in Hebei YouBiKa Trading Center opened an account at a price of 900 yuan to buy the first women’s football championship". At first, the ticket has remained a day about 3% of the increase, should be kept during the Yan forecast prices will rise to 1500 yuan or 1700 yuan, and continue to let Ma Guoqiang to inject more funds through the placing of the original ticket, Ma Guoqiang also recommended buying the tickets again, a total investment of 1 million 100 thousand yuan. However, since July 1st the ticket good times don’t last long, began to limit. In fact, down the process of the ticket has been stabilized, this time the flesh can run less loss, but can continue to persuade Ma Yan Guoqiang jiacang, claiming that the current stage of the bottom has been formed, is a good opportunity for gaining momentum, the Xichou low. Ma Guoqiang after the opening, the result is another round of daily limit. In the fell to 500 yuan, Ma Yan Guoqiang regardless of can discourage out positions, loss of 620 thousand yuan, about a month of principal kuidiao 56%. Since then, the ticket is still falling, down to about 190 yuan. In many communication, Ma Guoqiang learned that Yan can the company name for Beijing new vision of culture Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "new vision"). But according to Ma Guoqiang’s memory, his actual body called for the opening of the Beijing Philharmonic post culture media Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Philharmonic post"). Beijing Daily reporter in Industrial and Commercial Bureau respectively query to the two companies, which was founded in the post Philharmonic in May 13th this year, the legal representative Liu Lijun; new vision was established in April 5th this year, the legal representative相关的主题文章: