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Advertising Managing an event? Have you done that before? Heres a quick run down of the most important tasks of an event manager. The creation and development of festivals and events is called event management because it is where the application of the management practice of project management is applied. It involves the event concept planning, the type of audience to target, planning the logistics and some technical aspects coordination before the actual proposal of the said event. The very person that takes all the responsibilities of planning and executing the event is the event manager and his team. They are the ones who are often behind the scenes of running any event. They also do brand building, and .munication and some marketing strategy. They are experts in logistical elements and technical aspects, and very creative and this results in a successful event. Lots of events occur annually, like, birthdays, anniversaries and the likes, or some are at least similar in some ways to special occasions that have happened before or in the past. Unless you really have never done any event in your whole life before, you should be able to see and therefore make some planning that will take place and make use of the many ideas and techniques from the past events youve gone and attended. Planning your event before hand, will not only help you to save time and effort in the pre-planning stage because you will have a prearranged lists of all the necessary things you have to do but it will also aid you to make certain you do not overlook any of the elements. It can be said that planning is one of the most crucial factors of event management and to manage the planning process is even more significant. Knowing that every little bit of the event is covered will make the occasion sail a lot more smoothly, and be a hassle-free for everyone from event organizers to production team. Over the past years, one of the helpful tools every event manager has .e across when planning for any event is very simple, the handwritten list. Although these days you might use the .puter to schedule tasks, oftentimes it is still very easy to collect your thoughts and write it down in a clean sheet of blank paper. You have the power to arrange it the way you want it – it can be chronologically arranged or by selection of the events. Planning an event is a daunting job as it needs hours of meticulous preparation. The groundwork for the event requires total deliberation over a number of matters like food, venue, drinks, music, etc. and a countless other things on hand. Planning your own event and doing it by yourself and hoping for it to be successful appears strenuous because most of us require the needed time and a lot of experience to do it successfully. So, if ever you are going to be an event manager, you might want to know your tasks and responsibilities involved in it. First and foremost you have to be very clear about who has the power and authority. Everyone is very much involved. You must focus, manage everything and try to see the big picture – your very own event. One must know who is in .mand when a decision has to be made. An event manager cant do everything, so you need help from your event crew or team members. That is why its important to find event staff that can handle tasks on their own. Your event staff should have the following characteristics. One must be reliable, never late and always on time, moderate and very much focused on the task given. Your staff must be loyal; he/she should understand their .mitment to you and support your decisions all the way. Your team members should be thrifty and know to respect and stay within the event plan. Your staff must be diplomatic, .petent, and very much like-minded. Always keep in mind that at the end of every event, there should be an evaluation of all the things that happened and what you did this will allow you identify new mistakes to correct and lessons to learn from previous events. It must be both positive and negative for these lessons will be remembered – for every one thing that went wrong, there are ten things that came out right. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: