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The maximum output of 500 lumens compact headlamp light, 110 meters is not! Some technology Sohu buddy love morning, the sun can run. There are some small partners like the middle of the night run, although it sounds crazy, but it can be different from the day experience. However, the night is too dark, lighting conditions are good, run up will not see, not to mention the poor lighting of the suburbs. So, very buddies Jun today to introduce a night run the necessary equipment — Black Diamond headlamp. Black Diamond is the United States outdoor equipment industry, the presence of big brother level, founded in 1957, the real old business. This is the headlight flagship ~ strong, equipped with QuadPower and DoublePower two LED light bulb, the light output can reach 500 lumens, effective lighting distance of 110 meters! Using 4 AA batteries, the maximum brightness mode can be used for 50 hours, in the super iron Sandu enough. In the lowest brightness mode, you can use 200 hours. But this headlamp is very light, including the battery, the weight is only 230 grams, worn on the head running a little cumbersome. Dustproof and waterproof level is IP67, it is certainly no problem with rain angel. In fact, the strength of such a strong headlights, can not only meet the needs of the night run, even super iron athletes, or explorers use completely enough, all. Love the night running buddy, a bright road, running safety ~ —————-END—————- above the fresh goods? Fun not? The number of public concern WeChat "fruit net", or "fruit" search and download App 100 thousand new tip goods you flop, the cumulative toxicity of 10 million straight fag hag.相关的主题文章: