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The man saved 90 pounds "Jupiter"   wrinkled skin white inside — Hainan window, days before, Harbin citizens Mr. Pang picked up a large seven small 8 Tuo "monster" in Songbei near a construction site, weighing 90 pounds. He is suspected of "Jupiter", to find experts to help identify it. 9 days, reporters in Mr. Pang home to see, the big Tuo "monster" diameter of about 40 cm, about 15 cm high, wrinkled skin that looks like an animal brain, skin touch by hand, rough sandpaper like feel, "monster" internal white and delicate, in the hand is very tough. There is no obvious smell smell. According to Mr. Pang said, 1 at around 15, he went for a walk in Songbei near a construction site, found a lump of something a ramp was opened on the hook "above, the same as the bark inside the white snow, I took a close look, half of the soil in the half exposed". Mr. Pang took off the dirt nearby and found that the lump was as big as the basin, and it was very heavy, and some of the skins were damaged. "I stumbled home, said a more than 60 pounds". The picture is provided by Mr. pang. When he picked up the monster, Mr. Pang was very excited and hurried to inform his relatives and friends. "The home of many relatives told me that this is the" Lion ", I really like, check the Internet, quickly return to the site, in the vicinity and found seven small lump, there are more than 20 pounds, the original estimate as a whole, is to break the hook up". Mr. Pang is looking for experts in the past few days, hoping to give an appraisal of what is in the end.   news link Taisui, also known as Ganoderma meat, is in the nature of plant, animal and non non non fungus fourth kinds of life forms, the scientists say Taisui is a super rare slime complex, that it is the ancient ever-young elixir. Lord japper fiber Taisui and meat into Jupiter gum two, Lord japper fiber in the mountains, no flexibility, near the Ganoderma lucidum; Lord japper meat glioma from earth, elastic, fleshy texture. Lord japper grew very slowly, anti-aging, anti – tumor and enhance the role of immunity. (from network) (commissioning editor: Lu Shaoxiong, Jiang Chengliu) 男子捡回90斤“太岁” 表皮皱巴巴内部雪白–人民网海南视窗–人民网 日前,哈尔滨市民庞先生在松北区一工地附近捡到一大七小8坨“怪物”,重达90斤。他怀疑是“太岁”,想找相关专家帮忙鉴定一下。 9日,记者在庞先生家里看到,那坨大的“怪物”直径约40厘米,高约15厘米,表皮皱巴巴的,看起来像动物大脑,用手触摸表皮,就像摸到粗糙的砂纸,“怪物”内部雪白细腻,捏在手里很有韧性,闻上去没有明显的气味。 据庞先生说,1日15时左右,他在松北区一个工地附近遛弯,发现被钩机翻开的一个斜坡上有一坨东西,“上面像树皮一样,里面雪白雪白的,我走近一看,一半在土里一半露出来了”。庞先生扒去附近的泥土,发现这坨东西大如面盆,还很沉,部分表皮破损了。“我踉踉跄跄抱回家里,一称有60多斤”。 图片由庞先生提供。 捡到这坨“怪物”,庞先生很兴奋,急忙告知亲友,询问见没见过。“家里很多亲戚都告诉我说,这是‘太岁’,我上网一查,确实很像,急忙返回那个工地,在附近又找到了七坨小的,也有20多斤,估计原来是一个整体,被钩机翻地时给弄碎了”。 庞先生这几天正在找专家,希望能给鉴定一下,到底是什么东西。  新闻链接 太岁,又称肉灵芝,是自然界中非植物、非动物和非菌类的第四种生命形式,科学家称太岁是一种特大型罕见粘菌复合体,古时认为其为长生不老的仙药。太岁分纤维质太岁和肉胶质太岁两种,纤维质太岁产于大山,无弹性,近灵芝;肉胶质太岁产自大地,有弹性,有肉质纹理。太岁生长十分缓慢,有抗衰老、抗肿瘤、提高免疫力的作用。(摘自网络) (责编:卢少雄、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: