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The man said to do a temporary residence permit encounter inexplicable Criminal Police: the need to verify the processing – Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Zhao Kaidi Li Yutong) in August 15th this year, from Neihuang County of Anyang city Mentougou District Chen Hongfang color tree grave police station for temporary residence permits, find their own identity information there should be a "record". According to 2004, their stolen electric cars in Beijing, but Chen Hongfang recalled, in 2004 he even county have not been to, not to mention Beijing. October 25th, Chaoyang police reply Beijing News reporter said that the matter is working, there will be a result of the first time to inform mr.. Sense of "record" Chen Hongfang from the village of Neihuang County of Anyang City song, 29 years old this year, is a postman Wanfeng road delivery bureau. August 15th of this year, due to work needs, Chen Hongfang came to the Mentougou district police station to apply for temporary residence. When the police check the identity card information, the police said that I have a case, can not apply for a temporary residence permit. But what is the end of the case, the police did not disclose." Chen Hongfang memories. Chen Hongfang said, then he came to the registration for his "record" — the police station, police station. "After the inquiry, the police told me that in 2004 June, I stole an electric car in Beijing." But Chen Hongfang said that he was a junior school student, is Anyang County, North Guo Xiang a repeat, "city county have not been to, not to mention Beijing." Later, Chen Hongfang provided a photograph of him in 2004, "the police officers compared my photos with the characteristics of the suspects who were registered." Previously, there are many because of the loss of identity cards, and by criminals fraudulent use of the event. But Chen Hongfang said, I was only 15 years old, no identity card. And I was in the village, but also less than ID cards, so my ID card has been dragged to 2006, because the entrance examination need to handle." Because of the "record", Chen Hongfang feel inferior. "The last time a colleague’s mobile phone is lost, I feel as though they are stolen, they are suspicious of themselves; and once my bank card was picked up when I went to collect the leadership, leadership, repeatedly asking for is not my." Chen Hongfang said, these things make him very hurt". The end of the case does not need, he always can not lift." Chaoyang police: the relevant procedures need to be gradually verified in October 24th, Chaoyang police said that the matter is working, the relevant procedures need to be gradually verified, there will be a result of the first time to inform mr.. Haidian District police officer Wang told reporters, found above, there may be Mr. Chen was forged and fraudulent use of identity information. In addition, the reporter learned from an insider, if indeed the public security organs of the wrong records, criminal records need it when the police station reported, from the branch to the Council a layer that, after a final ruling, then back to the police station the rectification.相关的主题文章: