The card 120 thousand disappeared, the CCB said it was unclear where to go and where to

The bank said it is not clear the card 120 thousand take wings to itself where to go to love Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: Taiyuan evening news (reporter Guo Ying) Tian Tian, a citizen, took the money from construction bank a few days ago and found that 110 thousand yuan of bank card was missing! Ms. Tian surprised, because the bank staff do not know what happened, she had to choose the police. Yesterday, reporters in China Construction Bank South inner ring branch to see the urgent and gas lady tian. She was a little excited because she couldn’t get the head of the bank’s response. Ms. Tian said that in the afternoon of August 19th, she came here to withdraw money, but can not take. A check, shocked: she had 120 thousand yuan account, the result is only 857.94 yuan. Ms. Tian clearly remember, in February 18th this year, she saved 180 thousand yuan to this card. In April 28th, she took out 60 thousand yuan, the account also showed that the balance is more than 120 thousand yuan (including bank interest), and then did not move. Now, the money is almost evaporated, she can not dream, but also impassability. In August 20th, Ms. Tian in this bank finally get a account of her name "customer transaction inquiry print list", do not see, do not know, a look scared! On the two day of August 7th and 8th, there were 5 nameless consumer records on the transaction inquiry list. No one knows how to steal the money from Ms. Tian on the platform of different third party payment". Among them, there are 4 pens in August 7th, the largest 110 thousand yuan, is through a "Shanghai Xun network technology" third party payment platform "consumption" go. Ms. Tian is very strange, oneself this card did not open the net silver, also did not use in the POS machine, password only she one person knows, the money said that did not have not? Ms. Tian said she only opened the bank transaction alert SMS service to the savings card. However, she did not receive a text message about the 5 "consumer" transactions. In order to clear the heart of doubt, Ms. Tian immediately in the bank’s ATM, extract the remaining 800 cards on the card for verification. This time, as soon as she first took 60 thousand yuan, she quickly received the SMS from the bank. Accordingly, Ms. Tian questioned the network management of banks. Ms. Tian believes that the bank’s own money, lost in the bank, the bank should be responsible for it, so she asked the bank to explain, and find her lost 119442.40 Yuan account rather baffling. However, from the bank’s "unclear", "such a lot of love, where to tell where to sue" and other responses, let Ms. Tian these two days very angry. Yesterday, the reporter with the bank to contact this bank statement, they could not explain, but with further investigation of Ms. tian. Ms. Tian dissatisfaction, but under the police. Yesterday afternoon, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade Yingze has accepted the case. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

卡内12万不翼而飞 建行称不清楚爱去哪告去哪告 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   来源:太原晚报   (记者国英)市民田女士前几天到建设银行取钱,发现银行卡里11万多元不翼而飞!田女士大惊,由于银行工作人员也不知道咋回事,她只好选择报警。    昨天,记者在中国建设银行南内环分理处见到又急又气的田女士。由于得不到这家银行负责人的回应,她显得有些激动。田女士称,8月19日下午,她到这里取钱却取不上。一查,大吃一惊:她账上本来有12万元,结果仅剩857.94元了。田女士清楚记得,今年2月18日,她往这张卡存了18万元。4月28日,她取出6万元,账户上还显示余额有12万多元(含银行利息),然后再没动过。现在,卡里的钱几乎蒸发,她做梦想不到,也想不通。8月20日,田女士在这家银行终于得到一张她名下账户《客户交易查询打印单》,不看不知道,一看吓一跳!交易查询单上显示,在8月7日和8日两天,共有5笔莫名的消费记录。不知何人通过不同的第三方支付平台,将田女士卡上的钱“偷走”。其中,8月7日有4笔,最大一笔11万元,是通过一家名为“上海迅信网络科技”的第三方支付平台“消费”走的。田女士很奇怪,自己这张卡没有开通网银,也未在 POS 机上使用过,密码只有她一人知道,钱咋说没就没了呢?    田女士称,她只给这张储蓄卡开通了银行交易提醒短信服务。然而,对这5笔“消费”交易,她没有收到过一条相关手机短信。为了弄清心中疑惑,田女士随即在银行的自动柜员机上,提取该卡上剩余的800元进行验证。这回,同她第一次取6万元时一样,很快收到了银行服务短信。据此,田女士对银行网络管理产生质疑。     田女士认为,自己存在银行的钱,在银行丢了,银行应对此负责,于是,她要求银行做出解释,并找回她账户上莫名其妙消失的119442.40元。然而,来自银行方面的“不清楚”、“这样的事多了爱去哪儿告去哪儿告”等回应,让田女士这两天非常生气。    昨天,记者与该银行方面就此接触,银行这样表态,他们也无法解释,但可以配合田女士进一步调查情况。   田女士不满,无奈之下报了警。昨天下午,市公安局迎泽分局经侦大队已受理此案。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: