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The breakdown of those delicious and cheap snacks – European Sohu travel to Europe, not only to appreciate the building, feel the art culture, more not less to taste the local delicacy. The mention of Western delicacy, we would naturally think of hamburgers and French fries, but here each country and even every city has its own unique taste, follow me together with the tongue all over Europe, and enjoy a feast! Italy pizza to Italy must eat pizza. If you can go to the origin of pizza in Naples, then it will be able to eat the most authentic pizza. This food can actually serve as a main dish on the table, sold to more than a dozen to several dozen euros, can also be used as a street snack, holding in his hand while chewing. Pizza sold on the streets, so that people eat how much to buy, both cheap and not waste. Subisa sold the cheapest in Naples, only 1.4 euros, and a piece of the palm of the big two. Meat pizza is a little expensive, but it’s much more tempting to add cheese, ham, mushrooms, pineapple, sausage, and other ingredients to tomatoes. Spain c.h.e.e.s.e. fruit CHURROS (Spanish translation is the meaning of it is known as the Jinaguo gardner. It is also called c.h.e.e.s.e. fruit, fruit) Latin crisp outside and tender inside, the middle grid, not greasy, golden color, hot and cold safe, nutritious. The ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce, served with a variety of features or accessories, fried ice cream, rough, smooth, fragrant and chocolate, eat in the mouth feel very wonderful. German sausage if there is a kind of food in a country can be derived into 500, 1000 or even the 1500, this is a magical thing. German sausage is therefore notorious. Fame is not small, the variety is also very wide, the whole root, clusters, slice, a superb collection of beautiful things shop. The restaurant menu intestines are dominant, intestinal a salad agriculture sausage, Bavaria sausage, Frankfurt sausage, sausage Nuremberg sausage · · · and so on numerous and features around the local flavor. The fish and chips in the UK, the most typical roadside snack is "fish and chips (Fish& Chips)". There are often many shops selling "fish and chips" fries here called fries the roadside, as called for "potato stick", because it is not like we had to eat French fries so fine, but each special thickness. Walking in the British way, no matter what time, often can see people holding a paper bag, there is a tomato sauce or cheese sauce with French fries and a large fish. The Hungarian chimney roll is a classic food from Hungary in Eastern Europe in seventeenth Century. When the shell is golden and slightly burnt"相关的主题文章: