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Arts-and-Entertainment Growing up, my book shelves were filled with novels by the great romance novelist Nora Roberts. If you are unfamiliar with her works, the plot line of her books usually goes something like this. Strong willed, successful and beautiful female from a well to do family meets stubborn, successful and emotionally scared man from non-existent family whom over time she changes in to someone who can love again. After a few months of denying feelings for each other, they end up succumbing to their needs and engage in wild, passionate…well you get the idea. Near the end of the book, said characters get in a huge fight and a few days later man realizes he cannot live without female so he proposes and they live happily ever after. With a plot like that, how could you not love those books? Unfortunately, I lost myself in those plot lines and the ever so romantic story of the main characters. I started attracted to the "bad boy" whom I wanted to change and make them fall in love with me. It wasn’t until I ended up in the back of a police car that I decided that maybe I should throw that plan out the window. Dan was the type of guy who fit the stereotypical Nora Roberts male character to a tee. And to make matters even worse for me, how I met him was like a story taken out of one of her books. I thought it was meant to be. Needless to say, he wasn’t the greatest of guys, didn’t call, didn’t email, but when we did see each other I thought we were on cloud nine… turns out I was probably the one on cloud nine and he was back down in reality. How did I end up in the back of a police car you ask? Well, it was after one of the few dates we had and everything was going swimmingly as he drove me home. I felt like he was finally starting to open up to me and I listened intently while he told me about his family problems and how he really thought no one loved him. (Just like in the books). Our little bubble was burst when we saw the flashing lights of a police car behind us, and that’s when I felt a little jump in my stomach. The police man whom I thought would just go through the motions "license, registration…" instead asked us to step out of the car. That was my first sign that things weren’t going to end up in my favour. When we got out of the car, Dan looked at me apologetically as the policeman ripped through the back of his car tearing out everything he could find. That was my second sign. When he emerged, he had a few little baggies in his hand filled with pills and a little scale for weighing. That was my third sign… things were not going well. He proceeded to lead me to the back of the police car where I thought to myself "my life is over. I would probably end up in jail, but I bet my parents will kill me first." With tears cascading down my face he proceeded to ask me question after question about my relationship with Dan. Through sobs and sniffles I told him everything about Nora Roberts, about the plot line and how I just wanted to change him in to a good person. I also told him that I had no idea about the little baggies under the seat, which is the truth. This is a character Nora Roberts would never include in one of her books. He looked at me like I was a crazy person and offered to drop me off at home before he took Dan to the police station. He didn’t realize that in my family, daughters don’t get dropped off at 12am at night in a police car so I told him to drop me off at my Grandparents house about 10 minutes away. After getting out of the police car with my heart still beating out of my chest I went to press in the security code to my Grandparents house so I could just stealthily sneak in and fall asleep on the couch no questions asked. Little did I know that my night was not over. My Grandparents had changed the security code I guess and instead of me being stealth about the whole situation the alarm went off and my Grandma emerged on the front porch with a broom in her hand cursing and swearing at the people trying to break in to their house. Needless to say, I booted it down the street, petrified to my Uncle and Aunts house to try my luck there. Luckily, they were still up, didn’t ask any questions and said they’d phone my parents to let them know where I was as I made my way to the spare bedroom to first have a big cry about my harrowing night and then hopefully sleep for twelve hours. To this day my Grandparents think that someone was trying to break in to their house. After I got home the next day, the first thing I did was go up to my room and remove all the Nora Roberts books from my shelves and stuff them in a garbage bag to donate them to charity. When you go in to a book store and see Nora Roberts books in the "fictional" section, they are there for a reason. They are fictional, the plot line is something that was thought up out of thin air and I was probably being very nave to think that I could somehow apply those stories to my life. Nine times out of ten you cannot change the handsome man with the troubled soul unless they themselves want to About the Author: 相关的主题文章: