The 2017 New York spring and summer women’s week is about to open, but this time than in the past wh rainism

The 2017 New York spring and summer women’s week is about to open, but this time than in the past what is the difference? [Abstract] from the point of view that the real buying mode to open, to the official schedule of temporary changes, and then a large number of social media intervention…… The innovations of the fashion industry will be checked with the opening of the 2017 New York spring summer fashion week. Calvin Klein Collection 2016 winter series photograph: nytimes Burberry announced that from the beginning of the year to take the view that buy "conference held since the discussion on its advantages and disadvantages become almost half in the fashion industry are discussed, from time to time, there are brands announced to join the" look to buy "army. At the beginning of the 2017 spring and summer New York women’s week, that is, to see the effect of the purchase model will be tested. At the same time, the characteristics of the traditional fashion season will be gradually weakened. In addition, there is a part of the brand announced the cancellation of the show or to change the static release, prompting Marc Jacobs to lead the New York heavyweight brands have adjusted the show time, and even do show venue. All the fashion New York as a highly developed commercial, the preferences of young people will always be quick to accept, coupled with social media and opinion leaders (KOL) during fashion week, play a more important role, cause everyone can be "fashion editor". Similarly, the star effect in the fashion industry has never been so popular, such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye West and other well-known artists is one of the important factors constitute a single product explosion. New York time from September 7th to September 15th, the more than and 100 brands will be the spring and summer fashion week to show their new works. The UK online fashion trend forecasting and analysis service provider WGSN T Taiwan trend forecasting department head Lizzy Bowring said, from the beginning of this season, the brand will launch a large number of no obvious seasonal characteristics of products to meet consumer demand around the world, it also means that there will be more wear stack style in the T table on. "In the past, the brands were showing six months later, and now they want to make it clear to you what you should wear today and what you can buy today". In response to the 2017 New York spring and summer women’s week, we listed a number of events of concern – although the future is not clear, but the change is really in front of. Zheng Shuang Zhao Liying PK fashion fashion week debut all the artistes LOOK guess 1 see buy army Tom Ford 7 point 2016 spring and summer series New York time on the night of September 7th, Tom Ford will release the 2016 winter series, this is the brand with the view that the first quarter product buy mode. It is reported that the press conference in the control of the number of media is extremely strict, and does not allow the scene to take pictures, guests can buy new products immediately after the show. Since the Tom Ford to launch a women’s product line, in the office show mode has experienced a 180 degree turn, in the first quarter of private salon, to open and aboveboard.相关的主题文章: