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The 2016 World Conference on global unmanned unmanned systems system master Shenzhen media Sohu of science and technology in November 17, 2016, the 2016 world Unmanned Systems Conference held in Shenzhen. Report 11 guests from the United States, Germany, South Korea, Norway and other 8 countries and Chinese unmanned systems experts, representatives of more than 400 people attended the meeting, sharing innovative applications and opportunities of unmanned systems business value chain. Liu Sheng, Secretary General of the Shenzhen municipal government on behalf of the municipal government held congratulations on the convening of the general assembly. China unmanned systems industry alliance Secretary General Sun Baiyuan in his speech: auvsc to national policy guidance, the credit system, guided by the market, with the contract for the protection of enterprises as the mainstay. Not only the vanguard wings of unmanned systems and fair exhibition, also hosted a meeting event, "hand flying unmanned systems technology" magazine platform and activities for science and technology into productivity. "Harmony but not Sameness", in the AUVSC platform for all members of "seeking win-win cooperation". International Association of unmanned systems Brain Wynne chairman and CEO of speech, thanks to AUVSC’s invitation, and welcome to the United States to participate in the exhibition activities China enterprises. Xue Huifeng, Dean of China Aerospace Science and technology group of system science and Engineering Research Institute "in the overall national security concept from the perspective of" slow down "unmanned aircraft development and control situation report" kicked off the conference report. Wu Cheng, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of Automation Department of Tsinghua University, the prospect and suggestion of China’s autonomous unmanned system. Chinese aircraft owners and Pilots Association, Wang Xiazheng, China’s civil UAV policy and outlook. The chairman of the ISIUS of Korea intelligent unmanned systems, vice chairman of the Korea Association of unmanned systems, "Professor of Aeronautical Information University of Korea Konkuk South Korea’s top prospects" at this stage of the UAV business and unmanned equipment technology development, the International Association of unmanned systems Brain Wynne chairman and CEO introduced "American system industry status and development trend of civilian unmanned"…… One day conference to understand the status of global unmanned systems. At present, the global pattern of innovation is facing profound changes, we have witnessed the birth of a huge, new industry. No system to unmanned aircraft, unmanned vehicles, unmanned ship as the representative of the national economy as a new growth pole, focus on the promotion of social field, has become the world to enhance the "national economic intelligence" and the "re industrialization" strategy and "4 industry" plan one of the important signs. Unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles represented by the rapid development of the technology in recent years, unmanned aerial vehicles is a hot market. In the foreseeable future, with the rapid growth of global artificial intelligence, aerospace, intelligent manufacturing, no one will usher in the golden age of the system, the future business opportunities immeasurable. The biggest highlight of the current 2016WUSC Unmanned Systems Conference is internationalization, the internationalization of the conference form, the internationalization of the guests team, international cooperation model. To prepare for this meeting, the organizing committee has gone to the United States, France, South Korea and other countries in the world without the system industry highlands visits, and fortunately, relying on 2016WU.相关的主题文章: