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Arts-and-Entertainment It’s time you took your book writing skills seriously. Or maybe it’s time to take a writing course to ensure that you are ready to take on such a task. It can truly be a fun experience if you are honest with your intent prior to going to publish. Now that it is much easier to get in with large publishing houses you may want to take action. Go ahead and write that book, even if it’s only intended to be sold to friends and family. Mrs Fields of Mrs. Field’s Cookies was told in the beginning of her career that she was dumb and that no one wanted to eat her cookies at all. I guess that person was wrong and unfortunately it was her husband that said it. Collect your ideas, and the information you’ll require for being factual in your book unless of course it is fiction. Then consider the process to follow for eventual success as it is a fact of life that some works take years and years. Other books and creative works may be .pleted within a few hours while a creative spell .es over one and the information simply flows onto the paper. It can be a lengthy process to the point where you feel you’re ready to publish. Consider the process and visit a few of the larger publishing .pany websites such as Bainbridge Press, Createspace, and Brighton Publishing in order to .e to grip with the initial process of writing a book that will eventually go to print. Also, write out a simple business plan and remain realistic. Not all authors’ books be.e best sellers. Writing a business plan is a good action to take, it gives you an idea as to what you might expect to pay prior to publishing, marketing costs and can help you remain consistent with your sales goals- it helps keep you on track. And remember, Bainbridge really gets the word out, they utilize social-media in their unique marketing strategy and have old-school techies who are on top of the current technology. They are also make your book available in e-book format for Kindle, Nook, and others such as IPad. Do your homework and check out the free critique at Bainbridge Press and PR. Visit Bainbridge Press and PR – Now Publishing New Authors – We Accept All Formats Including Lulu, Createspace, Sideskirtspress, and so on About the Author: 相关的主题文章: