Still tangled curved screen phone Now the image can be glued to the clothes super bass

Still tangled curved screen phone? It could have been stuck in the projection image clothes how to image "stick" in the clothes as everyone knows, the projector to the image projected onto the screen or white wall for us to look up. To use the projector for friends, sometimes hit the screen, the wall is not flat or cause the curtain swinging picture distortion, these factors directly affect our use of the effect of projection. Just recently, researchers from the University of Tokyo in the laboratory of Ishikawa Watanabe made a table named DynaFlash projector, can make the projection display on uneven surface without distortion and deformation phenomenon, so that the image looks more like a perfect label, not just a projection image. The DynaFlash projector can work on any irregular, non rigid surface. From the above picture, we can see that the DynaFlash projector in the dress pattern with the fold and the movement of the body and make corresponding changes, so as to make the image smooth, no graphics transformation, such as the effect of the above logo pattern as printed on the clothes. Very good application prospect of DynaFlash projector is equipped with a camera equipped high speed non rigid surface tracking system, using infrared ink on some surfaces such as clothes fiber or paper marking deformation, the motion real-time monitoring and accurate image projection to the moving surface. The DynaFlash projector can project a 8-bit image at 1000 frames per second with a delay of only 3 milliseconds. At the same time, high-speed non rigid surface tracking system with the same frame rate in the operation, so that the human eye can not perceive any deviation of the projection image. The author thinks that the technology of commercial value and application prospect is still very large, for the application in the daily office, no longer need to repeatedly adjust and adapt to the image projection screen, more convenient, but also improve the efficiency of the office. There is also a possibility that in the future on the field, the player’s Jersey on the ads do not have so much effort, the use of this technology will be able to continue to roll on the Jersey advertising.相关的主题文章: