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Arts-and-Entertainment Spring is wedding season. It’s the perfect weather for an outdoor wedding but .fortable enough for an indoor one as well. It’s a season of new beginnings and so starting a new life with someone just seems perfect this time of year. That’s why the majority of weddings year round take place now. It’s not just about picking out the perfect dress, though that’s incredibly important. But it’s also about how you accessorize it. Every year wedding jewelry trends change up just a bit. If you want to make sure your looking the part, here are some of the wedding jewelry trends of 2011. Cluster earrings are big this year. The more vintage they look, the better. The nice thing is you can get the look without spending the money on something truly vintage, which often costs more because it’s one of a kind. Go for discount pearls clustered together for a bit of elegance. Studs are the thing this year, so go with them in lieu of long, dangling earrings. Bracelets are definitely in this year. They tend to be finicky when it .es to wedding jewelry, .ing in and out of trend but for 2011 they are the "it" accessory. Bracelets for this year should have multiple strands and not just be a single dainty piece. Designs mixed crystals and pearls are very popular this year. Custom made jewelry is also over popular this year. Instead of just picking something out that many other brides will be wearing, have your jewelry custom made for you and your dress. People will be in awe of how perfectly your wedding jewelry goes with the rest of your ensemble. Colored pearls for the spring are popular, with lavender and pink being the hottest colors. If you are going to wear a strand of pink pearls, consider having the rest of your bridal party wear a similar color of jewelry or even match the color in another way, with maybe pastel pink clutches. This year is also about simplicity over all, so you don’t have to wear a heavy necklace of discount pearls, cluster earrings and chunky bracelets all together. Pick one to focus on and either lighten up the others or forgo them .pletely. Whatever you choose for your wedding jewelry, go with these trends and you’ll be sure to look great this spring. Because it’s not just about the dress, it’s about the entire look! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: