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Space X this small satellite rocket bomb with strange, elonmusk to the world is a science and technology Sohu Elon Musk and his Space X encountered a problem for the largest in 14 years. Earlier this month, · Elon Musk; Zuckerberg satellite rocket bomb. This thing is now in addition to embarrassment, but also a bit strange. In September 1st, a U.S. Air Force Base in Florida, Space X from the CEO company as the musk Falcon 9 rocket explosion disintegrated, and equipped with the Rockets is Zuckerberg led the establishment of Internet $200 million worth of satellite. Zuckerberg had an accident on the same day to update a Facebook state that he was extremely disappointed, and even some friends to give a small prick a new name: fried Kirberger. Although the day after the accident, Mask had the first time to respond to guess the source of the accident may be the rocket oxygen tank, the explosion occurred in the rocket propellant injection process. But he also said it would conduct further investigation with the team, and will be updated to the public after the survey results. However, it is not like musk response, but from the iron man help information. Mask said he and the team really hard to study, recall, but…… Really can not find the problem in the end where. He publicly stated that this was the most difficult problem and the most complex failure that Space X had encountered in 14 years. He Twitter today issued a help message, expressed the hope that any witness or be able to beat the accident occurred when the video of people from any angle to share with him, or give him some clues. The following is the text: Elon Musk is still in the investigation of the cause of the explosion of Falcon 9. It seems that this is the most complicated and difficult failure that Space X has faced in 14 years. It should be noted that the explosion occurred in the rocket to the conventional (propellant) injection process, the engine has not been activated, there is no obvious heat source. Ask for help and support @ NASA @FAA @AFPAA and anyone else, thank you very much. Please put your proposal and you have to shoot the image of the video to the mailbox report@spacex in particular, want to know when the rocket exploded a few seconds before the death of the stuffy "bang" in the end is what. May come from rockets that may come from other objects. Although netizens through the official video capture to the outside of the object before the explosion had hit the rocket flew from far away, and even a large number of users guess is a UFO, but Mask said it was unlikely or joking. Netizen: is it an alien? Mask: No, I didn’t do it. Musk in the next response he said the cause of the explosion in the study of Space in addition to X, are trying to prepare for another article about Tesla revealed unmanned technology update blog.相关的主题文章: