Song Dongye was arrested on drug-related wife drug abuse How could Sohu play

Song Dongye was arrested on drug-related wife: drug abuse? How could the Sohu entertainment   Song Dongye and his wife Zhao Xiaolu Beijing News reported on October 14th Chaoyang people and meritorious service! October 13th at 3:48 in the afternoon, the netizen "Liuhe snow released micro-blog said, according to a source says, the famous Beijing s surname folk singer was arrested for drug abuse! Located in Chaoyang Road North Berlin Philharmonic arrested three, seized more than and 80 grams of drugs!     combined with the mentioned "S" surname, Beijing famous folk singer of the micro-blog, many users guess is singing "and" bridge "," the singer Song Dongye, miss dong. The results also confirmed that the netizens speculated that night at 6, homicide No. 37 confirmed from authoritative sources, singer song Dongye suspected of drug abuse has been arrested by the police. At the same time, rushed to the incident of the homicide detective found No. 37, from the Berlin Philharmonic three not far run by Song Dongye’s "NOTHERE" bar, have the police arrested. Song Dongye’s wife, Zhao Xiaolu, said, "it’s incredible". The net caught Song Dongye’s location department at 5 p.m. on October 13th, homicide No. 37 to Chaoyang Road three Berlin philharmonic. The small table Security said, about 3 in the afternoon, the district had a police car, but do not know what to do, I did not see the police arrest". For Song Dongye drug abuse, many residents of the district said, I do not know, did not see him in the District, the district near a smoke hotel owner confirmed that Song Dongye lived here. Upon inquiry found, Song Dongye brokerage company called for the modern sky, the company’s official website on the phone, a man claiming to be the company of artists brokerage department staff Ms. Deng said that Song Dongye drug issue is purely a rumor "". Case number 37, Song Dongye repeatedly call the phone, but no one answered. The bar staff was taken away by police at 6:15 in the afternoon, homicide No. 37 to three from the Berlin Philharmonic period of about 500 meters of the "NOTHERE" in the bar, Song Dongye had done in his micro-blog promotion, near several businesses also confirmed that this is Song Dongye’s bar. A staff member said the bar, song usually appear in the bar, not for a long time, in the field." Late 7, the police have the relevant documents to enter the bar, then close the bar door. About 20 minutes later, a man wearing a green padded, long haired woman wearing masks and the bar staff by the police away from the bar, take a bread car left the scene. After the bar closed the door, in a state of suspension. Near a shop staff confirmed that the song usually live in the Berlin Philharmonic three, did not go out to play, often see him in the "NOTHERE" bar and other folk singer. In these neighbors impression, Song Dongye usually easy-going personality, fans asked to take pictures are very happy signature, no drug can not see the suction." Song Dongye was in an interview in 2014, was asked about the star drug look, said, in fact, it is not so serious, or can.相关的主题文章: