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Some people are only suitable for single, but you will see why couples some lonely? Sohu love so beautiful, breaking up hurt heart. Many friends have been single after breaking up, it is difficult to start a new romance, and their hearts are actually eager for a sincere feelings, is difficult to come out of their own. What is the reason? With this question we break up after breaking up, why are you single? First, there is an important psychological effect of the contrast between the first and the first love. Speaking is an interesting phenomenon in the German anthropologist Hein Roth found in the experiment: just hatched Gosling, instinctively follow behind it first saw his mother. However, if it is not the first to see their mother, but other moving objects, such as a dog, a cat or a toy goose, it will automatically follow. What is more important is that once this goose has formed an object to follow after the reaction, it is impossible to follow the formation of other objects to reflect. The following reaction is irreversible, that is to say that the first ignored second goslings. Imprinting effect, not only in the lower animals, but also in humans. A lot of people in love and break up, still love Lianlianbuwang, obsession, or want to forget. A lot of people also love the first time as a benchmark for the election, the result of the election to choose to always find the other half of the ideal. Two, looking forward to the former back again if your heart is also looking forward to the former compound, you may from time to time his concern about the news, reading his message, staring at his recent state. For he is happy because of him. All your thoughts are on your predecessor, how can you notice the other opposite sex into your world? Naturally, it’s hard to start a new relationship. Three, once again that injured unexplained break up or because the third party caused by the failure of love is a lot of people could not understand the pain of my heart. Because of the fear of being hurt again, many people choose to fall into the good memories of the past. However, a long time in the past, is bound to hinder a person’s emotional development. Four, failed to learn from the growth of the upper part of the emotions we say that the reason why the love can make a person grow up mature, is based on the past feelings of serious summary, reflection on the basis of. If the love becomes extreme, playing with love, nature will not get true love. Breaking up really does harm to us, but if we can look at past emotions in an objective and positive way, we can grow from past failures. Break up, should not be destroyed the courage of our pursuit of happiness, but also should teach us how to love the ability to operate the ability to grasp the happiness of love. To learn more about the emotional aspects of the data, may be concerned about the micro signal yiaidacom, A can obtain the reply "restore the boyfriend" information, reply to B can be obtained "save his girlfriend"; reply to C can be obtained "marriage information management".相关的主题文章: