Small goals first play around Ningbo and then around the world 3u8895

Small target: first played Ningbo and around the world Chinese Ningbo micro-blog | 2016 09 month 18 days 10:37 poetry Jiangnan too beautiful, Ningbo — "sea boning", the Jiangnan City? A look at the scenery here ~ Millennium pictures the Jiangnan, like a jasper. Dongqian Lake is a place to visit in Ningbo! The Millennium ancient lake from both classical, a landscape of lakes and mountains. West Lake scenery, Taihu style, both gentle and graceful beauty, and sonorous strong fan. Here, stroll along the lakeside road, joy riding along the cliff, find a dam to see sunrise and sunset, watching the fishermen rowed out. Here is a warm and cordial farmhouse, here is the high-end atmosphere of the hotel, there are mountain villa. No matter where, sitting on the scenery of Dongqian Lake is the biggest surprise. The room is wide open window, morning lake and the sunrise, the wind blowing over the lake rippling slightly traces; night the stars reflected in the lake, beauty has been drunk. That is, Jiangnan, will tour the ancient town! The town there is no picture of the hustle and bustle of the city, only quiet and simple; there are no tourists harassment, only residents and travelers. The ancient town is buried in the modern civilization of the classic scroll, it quietly in the corner of Ningbo, waiting for people who have feelings quietly. One thousand years of history, the town has a different elegant and quiet in the morning, entered the town, began quietly wandering. This time, the town is quiet, maybe you can smell the taste Tuzao firewood stove. With the whooping crane heritage more. A long street, ancient shops, pillow River and residential building, there are seven ancient stone bridges on the river, including steep ponds, canals, bridges, Beach Municipal Cultural Relics Protection units. If you are hungry, all kinds of special snack cakes such as town dumplings, dumplings, rice cake sugar ball etc. can be found in mice, a sinseong hoe. As a coastal city, Ningbo how can we miss the beauty of the sea. Pictures from tomorrow to be a happy person give chopping world concerned with food and vegetables from tomorrow I have a house facing the sea. The spring… This poem, you must not strange, because when we are in the fishing island, facing the sea, always involuntarily think of "facing the sea, spring flowers." If 35 friends, campfire, barbecue, lying on the cliff, the wind raging, listening to the waves of sound cliffs. Drinking beer, eating seafood, chatting far apart from each other, it is "to be the man." If two of the world, meet in this place, the watch in the island, watching the sunrise and sunset, the tide, this scene is beautiful, beauty seems to be a rain of South painting! If you stand in the lighthouse overlooking maotouyang, little white sail the sea fishing, fishing, beach shuttle; sunny weather on the sea, full of interest. After sunset, the sky silver stars embracing tower of light flashing little fishing boat lights, the sea breeze was blowing to the scene of an analogy. Ningbo, she is a bright pearl in the East China sea. She is not noisy, she has ups and downs, all rivers run into sea feelings, reception of visitors all eight words.相关的主题文章: