Small counterfeit money is increasing year by year received 10 yuan 20 yuan to see more new network

Small counterfeit money is increasing year by year received 10 yuan 20 yuan to see more – Beijing China Jiangxi Reuters reporter He Liubin reported: in September 25th, the reporter was informed that the Nanchang Provincial Department of public security branch of the United People’s Bank and financial institutions in Chang held the "2016 Jiangxi province anti fake money site promotional activities in Nanchang Wanda Mao". In recent years, Nanchang Public Security Branch Joint Provincial Department of the people’s Bank Regulation in the fight against counterfeit money crimes special action, the people’s Bank, financial institutions and public security organs across the country wide extension case information source, timely mining crime clues, and always keep the pressure on the formation of counterfeit crime, fight against counterfeit work force, and achieved fruitful results. In 2013, Xinyu City Fenyi County busted up a false coin manufacturing dens; in 2014, Pingxiang cracked "5? 08", the Ministry of public security supervision of large inter provincial trafficking in counterfeit money case, destroying a number of counterfeit crime network involving the province; in January this year, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi province cracked the history of the largest single amount of manufacturing counterfeit the case, seized semi-finished counterfeit money about 70000000 yuan. Recently, it has in Yichun City, Shangrao City, uncovered a series of criminal cases involving counterfeit money. Nanchang Central Branch of people’s Bank of the relevant sources said, with the development of printing equipment and mapping technology, using the print mode, the forgery of small denomination counterfeit crime increased year by year, the public in the process of using cash, should be strengthened to 20 yuan, 10 yuan of small denomination of attention, vigilance for small denomination counterfeit, beware of counterfeit infringement.  相关的主题文章: