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Sino German youth entrepreneurship incubator center 19 projects in Hefei started to focus – Beijing Beijing in October 23 Hefei Xinhua (reporter Wu Lan) 23 days, including the German youth entrepreneurship incubator center, Harbin Institute of East China robot industry base, Lenovo tablet computer projects and 19 major projects in Anhui Hefei economic and Technological Development Zone construction. It is reported that the total investment of 25 billion 970 million yuan of these projects, the output value of up to $78 billion 100 million. Sino German youth entrepreneurship incubator center project, as an important part of Sino German Cooperation Demonstration Base of education, from the Hefei University in cooperation with the Hefei economic and Technological Development Zone to build, use the existing buildings of Hefei University transformation, German university students absorb innovation ability and entrepreneurial intention and the technical advantages and development potential of small and micro enterprises. Hagongda robot group limited CEO Wang Meng introduced in the new century, with the rapid development of information technology and intelligent manufacturing industry, in-depth integration of big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other new generation of information technology and robot technology, the global machine industry entered a rapid development period. In recent years, China’s robot industry vitality, robot sales increased year by year, has become the world’s largest market for industrial robots, is expected to 2025 annual sales will reach 240 thousand units, reserves reached 1 million 800 thousand units. He said, Harbin Institute of Technology is one of China’s earliest robotics research unit, built a robot research institute, State Key Laboratory of robotics and system, undertake national more than 100 projects, in the domestic leading level in space, industrial, medical, intelligent service robot. In recent years, Hefei city to further implement the national innovation driven development strategy, around the national robot industry development plan, the robot as a key development industry, and strive to create a good environment for industrial development. In July 10, 2016, Harbin Institute of technology and Hefei through the open area at the signing ceremony, hagongda robot project was officially settled in Hefei. This project is an important milepost hagongda robot project, marking the project has taken a more important step. Hit robotics industry base and East China Institute of international science and technology innovation project will be led through the open area of Hefei robot industry cluster, leading the Hefei robot industry development. The project mainly includes three plate hagongda robot group east regional center, East China manufacturing base and the International Institute for innovation, the future will introduce the industrial robot and the core components of the company not less than 25, the formation of 6 academy chief scientist research institute, the creation of national and provincial engineering center, innovative business incubator has independent intellectual property rights and the core technology of not less than 20, to build a complete robot and intelligent manufacturing industry chain. Ponled innovation is a global chip design company design and development, is committed to a variety of memory, high speed and low power consumption micro controller series products, and the characteristics of high technology, low power consumption, low cost "leading to similar products in the world. In August this year, listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the current market value of about 17 billion 800 million. Chairman of Beijing Yi innovation Polytron Technologies Inc.相关的主题文章: