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Shenyang 3 will repair the pipeline paved road dug dirt road 3 years nobody (Figure) – Beijing heating company maintenance of underground pipeline would have been a good thing, but the underground pipeline has been repaired, the road has been destroyed, and a bad is 3 years! This is a good thing to do to maintain the maintenance of the residents heart! 3 small road Huanggu District of Fenhe district under the jurisdiction of the community, 3 years ago, heating and maintenance of underground pipeline, the ground dug into the dirt road by road. On rainy days, these 3 roads are muddy, and residents often fall down here. August 25th, the reporter interviewed on the matter. Help: asphalt road maintenance dirt road Huanggu District Road 39, building 1, located in Kunshan Road, Lane 100, No. 18 building, 31 West Road, building 1, the mountains, the 3 buildings downstairs pavement has suffered serious damage. Mr. Qi is Chongshan Huanggu district west of the old tenants along 3 routes, looking at the original asphalt road now turned into a dirt road, he felt very uncomfortable. Qi said: 3 years ago, the floor of the heating company in the area of the maintenance of underground pipelines, it would have been a good thing, residents are also very good with the. But the underground pipe was repaired and the road was badly damaged. Heating company dug ditch, barely fill in, but the former asphalt road into a dirt road, when the rain is muddy, there is no way to go." Survey: 3 rainy days dirt road is hard to walk on the morning of 25, Shenyang rain at noon, reporters rushed to the After rain the sky looks blue., mountains of Huanggu district west of Building 1 – 39. The reporter saw, in front of the building’s potholed pavement broken brick, from time to time. Ms. Lee told reporters: "today, under the rain, if it rains, the 1 floor residents will be home in the cylinder, sandbags and other items out of the high road pad. If you do not pad Road, may fall in the water, because potholed pavement." The reporter walked this treaty 100 meters long road to Kunshan Road 100, Lane No. 18 building in front of, this road is a dirt road, a few scattered piece of white asphalt. Across the road is 31 West Road, building 1, located in front of the building, on both sides of the road is the road surface, the middle is a dirt road that is uneven. Residents said: the heating company’s construction team began to dig the road from the middle of the road, after the plane is very simple backfill, did not restore the original asphalt road." The community: 3 road situation has been reported to pay Fenhe community secretary told reporters, "I was just this year to the community, before things don’t know much. This is the way the heating company dug, did not do a good job backfill, and now it is so." She said: "last month, the following several lines of heating lines are also repaired, the purpose is to improve the heating temperature. I and the heating company responsible person contact, but the person in charge said that before repair what kind, it will be restored to what kind of, before the dirt road, after the completion of the pipeline has also been restored to the dirt road. According to the present situation of the road, I have reported to the stupa tourism and cultural industry zone." Heating company: the road will be restored into the oil channel reporter contacted Shenyang Xin Xin heating company manager wang. Wang said: Photo相关的主题文章: